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Don’t change shit Sony. If they want to play your games they have to get free psn accounts just like they have steam, Xbox, ea, etc accounts. They’ll give in eventually.

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For all the shit talked about Sony everyone shuts up and bows down when they decide to release a game to the peasants.

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What a shit show. Where the hell does all the money go? 10 years of development resulting in a 7 hour, snooze induced walk-a-thon.

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It’s a point, click and load game. Stop with all the massive scale bullshit. Only thing massive is the number of junk items they decided to throw in the game.

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I was just saying this the other day about games requiring you to connect regardless of the disk versus downloaded. Nothing you can do to get around it it’s coming, no outdated hardware OS workaround gonna save you from it,

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This doesn’t matter Xbox is the best box to use. Engagement is up, we can tell by the number of subscribers to gamepass, even though we gave it away for a dollar and it still isn’t growing due to it being a ponzi green is go.

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Sony didnt shut down the studios you mentioned after they made last of us or ratchet and clank or destiny. Cutting jobs is not equal to closing studios. Sony cuts are a candle in the sun of Microsoft’s closures.

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It’s all good, I expected this 😂

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“ In addition, Square Enix will also pursue a shift from “quantity to quality” as its medium- to long-term philosophy.”

I got downvotes for saying this was the reason. Apologize to the masta.

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No it wouldn’t matter it wouldn’t bring in enough profit to offset their 100 billion dollar acquisition. It would maybe delay the inevitable by some months.

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This absolutely does NOT happen all the time. Let me know the last time 1 company with a terrible product track record spent 100 billion onto acquire MULTIPLE successful companies in under a year only to shut them down and stop making their products regardless of how successful they were. Not merge them, completely shut them down.

And you can’t use Microsoft in your example.

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Not true when it comes to mass layoff do your research.

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There really needs to be a class action lawsuit here. You buy these companies just to put people out of jobs. And it’s not like something happened to derail their plans this WAS the plan. Microsoft has no business in this space at all.

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“Your game has won some pretty significant awards and is a show piece for where we want to go in the future.”

1 hour later.

“We’re gonna have to let you go. You can’t cover our 100 billion dollar acquisition. Oh and take your awards too 👍🏾”

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Yessss put COD on gamepass and destroy its worth. Keep being dumb Microsoft we love it!!

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This means no matter how successful a game is and sells it will go into the black hole of debt gamepass and acquisitions have created. Fucking insane they didn’t see this happening. Even COD money would be a drop in the ocean of massive debt they’ve just incurred.

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All they’re doing is paying Microsoft. Nothing positive comes from this.

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We need a class action lawsuit for these layoffs.

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Lies. Phil said gamepass is profitable. He never lies.

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