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I use to make a lot of YouTube montage videos using their trailers.

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I agree with skull the first three minutes of the intro was cool but after a while I was ready to be done with it. Then once the intro was over it was then I felt like I was playing a fresh metal gear game.

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I argued about this with my friend and really it could go either way. For one, in terms of presentation MS did a great job with putting their big exclusives together like a montage and having the characters all displayed together and integrated with gameplay. If you are a fan of MS how can you not be happy about Gears, Halo and Tomb Raider exclusive and they all looked amazing. Top it off with backwards compatible and HoloLens it was a pretty d@mn good show.

On the other hand,If...

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MGS 1,3
Gears of war 1
GOW 1,2
Halo 2
TWisted metal black, 2
Infamous 1
Socom Confrontaion
Modern Warfare 2
Golden eye 64

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As much as I love Uncharted, lets just move on!

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This makes me want a ps4 even more now

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When Ms said they were gonna show nothing but games I said there's no way Sony could compete but Sony's conference was actually pretty good. Considering they showed off other products, talked about the psn Sony showed some goods. I say both companies did a great job! Ms made me happy with my purchase with the x1 and Sony made me want a ps4 this year.

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I want to say Gears of war

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Lol yeah I just watched world war z the other day, it looks similar.

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Where are the xbox one mp videos? It's making me nervous that there are no videos for the XO MP.

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I'm for one am excited about the ps4 controller. As a ps guy I felt that the 360 controller was more comfortable. This time around I think they both will be fine.

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I see what you mean but they will most likely add more animations, especially when he stop and goes.

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I really do trust that Sony will have the games but this is a let down for real. People have been waiting for FF exclusively for Ps3 for a whole generation then you go and make it multi-platform. Also what happen to the last Guradian?

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For launch I think the price doesn't matter but in the long run it will be interesting.

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Yeah I give it to MS, it was a good show! I just don't feel like they killed Sony like they said they would.

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yeah but that's how you start to kill your franchise because I've always been a cod fan but after BF3 my hypes started to head in a different direction. Now I'm more excited for BF4!

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Where is this quote?

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It just switched to xb1 being number 1

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Awww I like that at the end.
Joel: Are you ok?
Ellie: No you scared the sh#! out of me

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I think if they make it where you can see who agrees and disagree with you when you scroll over it, that would change every thing

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