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Yup, was a playing division 2 solo play ( i didn't even have a psn subscription then) and all of a sudden my ps5 got banned, so it couldn't go online. I literally spent 2 days calling support and not one person could tell me why my ps5 was banned. On the 3rd day I was told it was because of game sharing which was bogus since I have never shared my account with anyone. I asked the person to tell me when and which game and they claimed they didn't know, WTF!!!. On the 4th day I was ...

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lol, but the dev will for sure accept any bonuses tied to game sales yeah?? F***king hypocrites...

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because they assume gamers don't have lives... expecting someone to b playing almost non-stop all the freaking time is just delusional

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@generic-user-name.. lina khan wasn't the head of the ftc when microsoft acquired is well known she's a big anti-big-tech advocate. She would've DEFINITELY tried to stop that deal

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This!! FTC has no case whatsoever and they know this!!! This is what happens when the head of the FTC is an idiot that just hates big tech.. Even if microsoft wanted to purchase 2 man developer studio FTC would've still gone after them.

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no it doesn't.. not even a bit

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She was told her work didn't meet the criteria.. now while whatever determines that may or may not makes sense, it was the company's policy, her going to twitter and trying to force their hand only shows her immaturity. I hope she knows she's probably putting herself on the industry blacklist.

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Leon vs Krauser fight was tooooo AWESOME!! I REALLY hope they keep it with minimal changes

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Redditor SilentMoss24 translated the message on the steelbook and it reads, "Twilight Beckons. The Bear and Wolf travel the realms nine hoping to stop that which seems inevitable. Their bond will be tested, yet they must hold together for the good of all".

That's not all, though, as the collector's edition also contains a map of the Nine Realms charted by Brok and Sindri. This map also has runes on it telling a story, this time giving some more detail on ...

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This. they seem to forget WE are the ones paying.. if WE don't buy they'll go under, plain and simple. So of course WE expect a product to be worth it when WE pay for it.

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o.g. guile theme > all

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Do y'all not have money to waste?? (Blizzard to players)

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why should they remove the game from device? Why not allow people to keep playing offline for as long as they want?

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LOL... babylonian fail

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bet it's going to be overflowing with microtransactions..

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i wish they included the ME3 multiplayer in the legendary edition.. Those were fun times.

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i wonder why people still listen to the idiot...

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yeah.. F**K KONAMI

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LOL, goes to show how useless/clueless/out of touch these so called management/executives are. Instead of focusing on games that gamers actually want (new splinter cell, single player focused beyond good and evil, e.t.c), they instead choose to focus on only ips that can be converted to open world/always online/monetized and when gamers don't bite, they start thinking of selling out.

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