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He should better start apologizing in advance for babylon's fall.. Not one good review from those that played the recent beta

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Before Update

PS4 : 39.272 GB
PS5 : 38.740 GB

After Day One Patch

PS4 : 48.549 GB (9.277 GB Change)
PS5 : 39.622 GB (882 MB Change )

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i remember a match where literally EVERY player in the game had the drone strike ability. That game was so insanely fun it should've been illegal

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hacking duhh

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this is what happens when greed takes hold of company management. They over promise and under deliver

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still doesn't mean they shouldn't refund, stop being a shill.

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Yup, after giving me the run around ( at 1 time i was on the phone for more than 1 hour with no response), they eventually sent the following (remember that the dlc I bought was from a US account).

Dear xxxxx xxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting PlayStation Support regarding your account.

As you’ve reached the PlayStation Support team for [USA], we can’t help you this time.

You can find the contact details for your countr...

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This isn't going to solve sh!t.. sony will still find ways to refuse refunds. I bought the ghost of tsushima director's cut upgrade on my ps4 (US PSN account) and it didn't work because the ghost of tsushima game disc i had was the asian version ( i bought the disc while in asia at the time). I asked for a refund since the dlc literally didn't work and sony refused

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sad that this game is from a scummy publisher that shafted the game's original devs.. guess it's a pass

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- Ability for players to view their PS5 trophies on their PS4 profile and Trophy list.
- Ability to view other player’s PS5 trophies on their PS4.
- Party owners now also have the ability to disband a Party without having to remove players individually.
- In Messages, if you’re the owner of a group, you can now delete it. Open the options menu, and then select [Delete Group]. If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
- Now when you block so...

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ps5's bayonetta?

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no gameplay trailer 2 years since the last cinematic trailer? SMH

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"wokeness" and shit

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tomb raider = lara croft
metroid = samus
halo = master chief/spartan 117
zelda = link
ninja gaiden=ryu hyabusa
devil may cry = dante
god of war = kratos

The character = franchise/IP plain and simple. Don't be silly bringing that gender swapping nonsense here.

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hope they remake shaolin monks

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@Orchid, Lol, clearly you're picking comments that fit your narrative. The article's author also posted the following in the comments, on 19th November 2020.

"I can't comment on specific games, but the whole combination of Oodle Texture + Kraken + a well optimized loading pipeline probably won't be in a shipping game on PS5 for a while yet."

So the author made this comment AFTER the ps5 launch, now why would he do that if the ps5...

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@Orchard sony did not license both techs in june last year. That is false, oodle texture only came out in june and sony licensed later, it's clearly stated by the creators of the tech on the link i pasted. Mark cerny's ps5 presentation only mentioned kraken which allowed up to 8-9GB/s uncompressed data output. Oodle expands on this and allows up to double the ratio, if sony had licensed oodle as you claim then why didn't Cerny mention it during his presentation? Again from the lin...

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It's VERY possible that the initial version of the game wasn't using the kraken+oodle texture compression combo. PS5 only supported kraken at launch, the oodle texture support came later, https://cbloomrants.blogspo...

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" If you own a PS5, you will need 60 GB of space to install the game. This is larger than the 50 GB that was suggested for the original release, but the install size ended up at 35 GB. This doesn’t take into account the 12 GB of updates that were released after the launch of the game."

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Which franchise is Tom "Clany" ???

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