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The Midgard Serpent is a part of Norse Mythology. A foe of Thor. Kinda looks like the final boss from GOW Ascension

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Yeah, the Sony Santa Monica devs stated themselves that God of War was originally made as a groundbreaking PS2 game. But that formula, while still fun, is kinda played out today. So they went back to the drawing board in a way to make the experience fresh, but still keeping what makes the series so attractive.

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I am so excited for this. The theme music is spectacular. The setting is spectacular. I already know the combat is going to be awesome. Kinda bitter/sweet to leave the Greek mythology setting. One of my biggest disappointments was that I never got to see a Kratos vs. Achilles fight.

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Destiny isn't an MMO

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Agreed. I still play Destiny. Although far from perfect, still one my favorite games.

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Not sure if anyone is with me, but I sure would love to see a Rage 2. I loved the first one, and would love to see a new one using their new engine.

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Man I last played this right before Bloodborne released. Glad I at least got 1 more playthrough online.

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Looks like Sony/Microsoft are giving us what we want. But it's up to the developers to give us what we want too. They have to make their games capable of being played across all platforms.

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So, looks like a concept artist from ACBF moved to Naughty Dog. Guess maybe he thought he could use his same concept art since it wasn't actually used in game. There'll be perhaps some formal apology and the pic will be removed. That's my guess. But in the trailer, they showed the pic, then cut to the actual gameplay that looked like the pic. Do they have to redo this level? Does Ubisoft own the concept art of a former employee, when that art wasn't used in game? XBOX fanboys ...

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I haven't defeated Ludwig yet. It's not his difficulty level. It's just that, he has an insane amount of health. And he has like 6 ways to one shot you. Too embarrassed to say how many times I've failed.

I got lucky when I beat Logarius. We killed each other at the same time, but they gave it to me. He was the only main campaign boss that gave me some real trouble. About 30 tries for him.

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1. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
2. Ornestein & Smough
3. Queen Qaalag
4. Gehrman
5. Gravelord Nito

I think you can almost randomly select your favorite bosses. Almost all of them are epic, along with the journey to get to them. Finally unlocking the shortcuts to them, or finding a nearby bonfire was almost as satisfying as beating them.

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Sony is often criticized for supporting so many indies. But Media Molecule started as a small indie studio when they made Little Big Planet. Most indies go unrecognized. But you just may find that diamond in the rough like Media Molecule.

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I wonder if there'll be other visual art styles other than the clay looking characters. I think I remember them saying so in one of their interviews, but not sure. I also wonder if you can do 2D platforming like Little Big Planet

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Hmm. Mine isn't so bad if these are considered amazing. This feature is pretty cool. A nice change of pace from exploring the wasteland.

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Dang, Wii U can't even get Minecraft?

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Dogmeat helps me because enemies will attack him, leaving me an opening to take them out. But this dog continuously blocks doorways. I can be trying to flee an enemy, and Dogmeat is in my freakin way and I can't move. So frustrating.

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Yo! why'd you get disagrees? They are different game worlds. lol.

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There are some developers whose reputations are so good, that most people would buy whatever they make. From Software is one of those developers for me. Until they make a bad game, I kind of assume that all their games are great.

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I agree that there are too many leaks. Especially if the leaks are coming from those who are under an NDA. But, this game is so huge, that I don't mind peaking at some spoiler free screenshots. So little has been shown off on this game that's coming out in 8 days.

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There just had to be at least one of these scores. We clicked on the headline, so the writer got what he wanted. lol.

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