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I agree. For me the problem is the dialog . Sounds like it was written by someone who has English as a second language “looks like this will be a cool breeze” and the voice acting is completely flat.

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Could be interesting, I've gotten stuck and had to youtube how to get through a section of a game or beat a boss.

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I'm sure the designers of the PS5 took all of what you said into account, that's why Cerney went on and on about how their priority was to make the PS5 simple to develop for. . when asked about Variable Clocks (which sounded complicated) he said all the switching is automatic, maybe the faster SSD will have something similar.

Will 1st party games look better? of course but that's a given for every system every generation.

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An exclusive must have game would help.

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Just play it on xcloud somewhere else....

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If you're 100% getting this day 1, Preorder is $49.94 on Amazon

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Super Duper Graphics pack

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Everyone seemed to love the original Star Wars Battlefront II, just update and remake that one...

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I think he just contrasting the character he was playing in 2009 to the one he is playing in 2019.
No secret message...

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Maybe you got downvotes because your OP says you bought "another X" like you already own an XB1X and you purchased another to get RD2?

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You can make LBP4 in Dreams

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Or - some people don’t have enough money to buy everything at full price so they wait for a sale.. but I hear what your saying

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Once the Oasis is built everything will be fine ;)

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I think the lack of new game announcements at this E3 is a signal that it's on it's way. When the PS5 is announced they will want to debut stable of new games to go along side it. These new games will also be on the PS4 but will be feature PS5 titles to sell the system. A year head start on "Xbox 2" with new exclusives, 2019 is not out of the question.

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Who wrote the dialog for this? I don't mind profanity here and there when it's appropriate but they curse constantly, it's lazy writing.

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PlayStation Store has their MLB The Show 18 PlayStation Store Quest and offers a 20% Off Coupon on your Next Order when you 'Watch' the "MLB The Show 18 – Aaron Judge Studio Tour" https://live.playstation.co...

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SOD2 will not have microtransactions but I could see a company offering a lower retail price and adding microtransactions to make up the difference.

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PS5 launch title..

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Careful what you wish for, the government is full on corrupt, big business pays off law makers to get an advantage over consumers all the time.

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Might end up one of those rare games that are worth a lot of money

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