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I believe the song is Throne, from Bring me the Horizon. It is rock and not some dubstep so I approve this message.

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So you can wait for the game, but couldn't wait to be the first comment about a game you can wait for. Seems a little strange.

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Nope they probably just don't like the off topic comment about an Xbox game in a Sony exclusive article.

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Yup, all gameplay on PS4 and PS4 pro, no gameplay on any platform are interested in. 😂😂😂

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Does anyone know if the old move controller gun will work with farpoint?

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That TV has alot of light bleed, I know because it is the one i have. Also the darks suck on it, I've had mine for about 8 months and had calibrated buy really didn't see any difference.

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Well, " if your not first, your last." That's what Ricky Bobby says.

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I think it is cheaper then that on psn.

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Just go to and they have calibration settings for watching movies and playing video games for most TV's.

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Check your cable, if you are not using the HDMI cable that came with the pro or a certified 4k HDMI cable you will have handshake problems with your TV. My TV is about ten feet away from my pro and I had to buy a long cable because my older cable kept dropping out.

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I think they added a new incursion, and they also added legendary mode to the daily missions

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Well looks like Utalkin2me is just calling out an obvious troll, that would be you sceptic. See you think we want you to be positive about PlayStation all the time, but all we really want is for you to not even be in a PlayStation article comment section. Also I figured you would be getting ready to play scalebound as much as you talked that game up in the past. As for psvr it was sold out for months and just came back in stock where I live, and of...

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@bg116 I'm not stuck on anything, I'm not the one talking out my ass about an unreleased console or game so my response back to this dipshit was off of a console that is here rt now. Also I'm playing my pro right now why chumps like you two are waiting around to get butt raped by Microsoft again, and one other thing if there are no games on the unreleased console how is going to be better?

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So you are sticking with your 900p machine good for you. Lol you just went full retard, you never go full retard.

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Still more then the vive and Oculus cimbined, so how many PC gamers are there? Psvr still has a better ratio shit for brains.

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I thought most games on a Xbox one was 900p so good luck with that. Maybe you can get some 1080p screenshots of scalebound. Hahahaha

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I buy all my 4 k movies on disc still because the picture is till better then digital and it's the only way I get Dolby Atmos and DTS x for my 11.4.2 system

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