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Bomb lol:

My PS4 has a bulb that changes colour.....MS copied Sony because they have a bulb on the console.

Can not believe Xbox ripped off Sony using a TV to play games.

If it wasn't for Sony no gaming devices would have a controller


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"you lost me at "reports around the INTERNET""

Yep because the "internet" is an unreliable source????

Thats a stone age comment that should not be used anymore.

Remember when gaming news came from magazines and teletext?

Would this statement be any less worthy being from the 80s/90s and coming from a magazine/Papers/TV Gaming shows????? NO.

The internet IS the magazine/Papers/TV ...

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neocores....Yeh right just poke down a piece of metal on your PS4 to make it work. WOW. I am having a great laugh on this issue as "TEH GREATNESS" is actually just a broken piece of plastic HAHAHA

All these months of Piss Stinking Sony Fanboys saying that Microsoft are a bunch of 180 scum bags have been landed with a melting piece of Sony SHIT. Failure rates are well into 30% now after releasing the full console to the public. I have maybe 3 or 4 friends out of the ...

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RROD....Sorry i meant BLOD seems to be a major issue right now with the PS4. Glad i canceled my pre-order and bought the Bone.

Kingthrash360 .....0.4% was the stats 4 days ago before actual customer reports. Bring new news please.

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"Why I’m Going PS4.…For Now"

iceman....Oh you have my attention now you said my favourite console,Hell yeh buy PS4 allllllll Day Long.

You are A Piss Stinking Sony Fanboy.

PS4 is having hardware/Software issues but you are ok with that because of the Sony Piss Smell on you.

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Bigshot...Shut up Sony Fanboy. many people didn't own a Sony product till the PS3, are you saying new school gamers are casuals as i know 13 year olds that would ruin you at any FPS you pick you noob.

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Shouldn't Consoles be plug and play without messing around to make it work? Console gamers apparently don't like PC because you have to adjust settings for a game to work YET PS4 is the same but it's cool right? LOL.

Xbone broken = HAHA Broken piece of crap

PS4 broken = Will be fixed soon as teh greatnezzzz awaitzzzzz.

Also YEH why are you not playing all them amazing day 1 games instead you make time to defend the PS4 on N4G?

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Massive failure rate by the looks of it. Hope Sony Fix/Swap all them broken consoles.

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I think this is an actually congrats.

MS and Sony are in the same business and both should have respect for what each other are doing.

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I tried my Plantronics wireless on the PS3 and it recognised it by name and model in the audio settings and even picked up my mic but no sound through the earphone parts. Tried every setting option but won't play ball.

It was wireless though. I hope they do more work on the 3rd party wireless part for wireless users.

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"Why do they all look the same?"

No Comment

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PS3 fat and slim are still very loud and hot. My PS3 slim often turns off when too hot. I know when its about to turn off because the fans go into over drive and sounds like a jet taking off.

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LOL My PC is 10x bigger than that with 10x more power and parts and it is dead silent, That sounds like the built in power supply was a VERY bad idea and will result in a V2 of the console coming out soon with an external brick.

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Kingdad...Truest comment i have seen on here for a while. Unfortunately you are on N4G and will be mauled for your opinions and facts.

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Funny you should mention the iPhone. Last gen compared to this gen is the same......More apps same product with a $400 price tag.

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Kazuma i hope you have proof or you will get torn to shreds for saying something like that against a Sony product, Even though people are showing video proof of this issue.

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LOL thats cool, i owned a Sony one of them for God of War series but it broke from smashing the same button over and over again and that was just from the first 5 minutes.

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Bought my first PS3 for MGS4. It is the best console game this Gen by far.

That Watch will be mine.

Does this mean Europe is getting a hard copy for PS4/Bone?

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I am getting disagreed...Why?

most of the titles i mentioned were early on in the life span of last gen and made it what it was. I am not saying it didn't have Halo 3,KZ2,GoW3 but least it bread new original ideas.

Uncharted 4 will not be on the PS4 till a year or 2 down the line showing that next gen will be full of the same titles with 4,5s and 6s at the end of every title.

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Shouldn't Next-Gen be about new titles instead of the same ones with a different number? Last-Gen was amazing because there was new titles that put us in awe: Assassins Creed,Uncharted,Infamous,Gears ,Bioshock,Batman,Crackdown,Van q uish,Last of Us,. If the PS4/XBone Gen is just going to be the same games again and again with better graphics i don't get the hype.

Just honest opinion. This is not a troll statement.

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