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more indies.


i can hardly wait.

keep up the good work sony.

more atari games and more layoffs is what we crave.


all hail sony, great and merciful sony, please step on my nutz. crunch, may i have another?

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lol, ok. Thanks for coming into the xbox forum to clarify the facts. Nice haircut by the way, helps with your credibility.

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Mag, socom and uncharted 2, kz2 and 3 with new control layout on all of them. Infamous remaster. I would pay for that stuff.

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eh, i'd rather have resistance. ratchet and crank suck. Sly cooper was a good kids game but sucker punch makes that one.

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They're just mad the ds4 controller has to be charged everyday, while we can go 3-4 weeks between batteries.

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Gabe you fat slob, gimme my refunds from your broken steam games. Crappy customer service. I'll keep playing on consoles and watch steam machines crash and burn.

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black ops 1!

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I like when Delsin dive bombed the old geezer's hut in the evil ending. Infamous is hands down the best Sony franchise. Part 1 was my favorite though.

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Lol. You funny

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i hope so. I think all three would be awesome in full 1080p.

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no, because too many bigvigs, vere fired this year. theres novone left to make the game. Vhy are you fan boys vondering things?

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$20 or no buy.

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This is a sleeveball move by sony. They could've done a box set but instead they want to release each and everyone individually and bleed us dry then release the legacy edition after everyone buys all the other ones. No thanks. Especially since remastered and gow 3 are already 1080p 60 frames....what's the point. I'll buy a black ops reboot , crysis trilogy, gears trilogy, uncharted, or any other WORTHWHILE multiplayer games.

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Make it a dream. Marcus hits his head when fighting the brumak in the end of part2 & simpily dreamt the events of part 3. He wakes up and follows the original story arc.....locusts were made in a lab, and the queen is the telekinikic mother that got kidnapped/ disappeared near the locust hollow,.....they did say that in the part 2 collectibles,....."the female subject shows remarkable telekinic abilities". And " something about his mom being last seen near the locust holl...

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Then go play your fruity RPGs, some of us like good first person shooters.

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Me! That series is hot! I still play crysis 2 on x360. I Platinumed 1-3 on ps3. And 100% achievements on 2&3. I got no problem doing it again. I especially loved part 2 single player and multiplayer. It's like call of duty on speed, and all the maps are good. Skyline and wall street are my favorites.

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It would be cool if they make one giant multiplayer with the horde mode of part 3 and the multiplayer of part 2. Part 2 multiplayer was my favorite. I want all maps include but I want a filter like part 2 where I can play all fronts collection, or flashback, or part one maps, or a medley.

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i had 6 games i bought on their summer deal in 2013 that didn't work out of 10 purchases. I called to complaign, and they said to refer to their terms of service. The hell with valve and that fat blob.

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Hell yeah. Freddy, pumpkinhead, ash, Michael Myers, it, predator, an alien, alien queen, leprechaun, would be awesome. I'm psyched about Jason. Him and predator gotta be taller than everyone else though. That's where mortal kombat always screws up dudes and chicks same height. Need to mix it up.

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