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Man this gives sonic knuckles and tails a whole new meaning

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Lol wow they approve merger this the thanks they get smh

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@mylerslo * cough no man sky indie game by hello games who partnered with Sony not * cough arkane by way of Bethesda who made a cheap budget gamepass friendly game because you get what you pay/ don't outright pay for * cough ala Carte gamepass and now Bethesda will be a shell of themselves like rare and every other studio acquired or ran by Microsoft * cough the truth hurts no comparison to no man sky

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How to wave the white flag without saying you're waving the white flag

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I here Stanfield is great spoiler alert Jerry and Kramer make a visit but Elaine and nazi chef is dlc

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Zenimax was in financial trouble how we know they didn't offer those games as time exclusives for Playstation as a ploy to entice Microsoft to cut that check

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I would believe it but the constant pop up to buy a pair of dress shoes have me skeptical

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I see what you did there replacing the E's with R's for ER code for Microsoft in trouble # flat line

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Wonderful times we're in facts get down voted but fake news get spread sheesh

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So is it a Timed Exclusive

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I thought that man but the proof in the pudding the pay 2 play subscription route will put less money in devs hands and in return give consumers subpar games insert halo I'd rather pay to have a good meal (game) then rent a buffet of ok food (games)

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Boo im down with next gen Vagina let's Stray from last gen pussy cats and embrace next gen only vaginas as well as games matter of fact this need to trend play 2k golf or NBA and take back your balls and celebrate with me for # nextgenvaginas

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Am I dumb or missing something how does the two have anything in common Sony own movie studios and TV shows own Playstation gaming division and partnered with HBO whom im sure have done tv and movie business before to take a successful game and make it a tv series how does that confirm Microsoft should buy activision a big 3rd party company

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Dang RIP

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Russia was an ally of US in World War 2 how did that pan out oh wait the cold War and now Ukraine an ally today can be an a hole enemy tomorrow says history

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@Leeroyw no need to apologize you can't help how you feel that was very noble and moved me I just would hate for you to miss out on something when its more complicated then either of us could imagine know its apples oranges but I hear its uproar over hogsworth legacy because if jk beliefs ( author of Harry potter) no matter if you're on her side or not she most likely licensed ability to make game and has already been paid those that boycott that game unfortunately won't teach her...

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I read through this pro and anti Russia sentiments but your comment struck a chord with me 1st all your right your money dWYD but personally I wouldn't miss out on a good game worrying where funds go its like ppl who tweet about child labor from their iPhone most products have a back story and unfortunately funds are funneled to things and profits made in ways we may not like or agree it definitely tragic about kids in the apartment but its hard for me to believe this game publisher devs...

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I might check it out was worried it wouldn't be to interesting but I do enjoy card shark it has an old timey vibe without a bunch of killing and its on hameoass definitely a plus ( no pun intended) im subbed til 2026

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