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I'm surprised how many people apparently didn't like that I asked about filling the 500 gig HDD. I was literally asking out of curiosity. I love my PS3, but most of my games are on disc. I literally just wanted to see how many people think they would fill a 500 gig HDD. Yay PS3!

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That's a great point. I was just curious.

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Here is a great question. With likely only one more year left this gen, how many people will actually fill a 500 gig HDD?

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Good point.

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I am typing this reply on my brand new 3DS XL. It may be only a matter of bigger screens, but just as the reviewer says, the difference in the overall experience is huge. Also, i think you worry too much about what the system isn't, rather than what it really is.

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You, sir, said it perfectly. (I would add, though, that Toby was annoying, but the games presented by Ubisoft were topnotch.)

Good piece too. They really caught what made it so unremarkable.

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After reading the story I have to say I am a little scared. I am sad to see the first person perspective disappear and the new, more WoW art style is a bit of a let down. The gritty realism of otherwise fantastical settings is what made the games in the single player series so awesome.

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I thought they stress-tested this? Apparently not enough.

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You make excellent points. Costs are strongly linked to dozens of factors, the platform of choice only being one of them.

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You can really stream OnLive games to Android Tablets and use a real controller to play?

Okay...OnLive is suddenly seeming more awesome.

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I LOVE Golden Axe. I remember pumping all kinds of quarters into that arcade machine.

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I loved the first installment. I'll get the second one eventually.

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What do you base your assumption on? I'm not saying you are wrong - you may very well be right - but I'm curious.

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I think it is interesting that you would make such a blanket statement about something that is so open to personal taste.

Like you, I don't use Party Chat and find very little value in it. However, to some it is a favorite feature and is a regular, positive part of gaming. Look at Sphinct's reply. He makes a great point.

And I do agree with you when you say "more features are always welcome."

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I loved the original Risen.

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I'm sad this one didn't live up to the legacy created by the others.

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To each their own. I had a great time in Skyrim.

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"Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey." ;) couldn't resist a Lebowski quote after seeing your awesome avatar.

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@ LightofDarkness

Really? You're just another troll letting the world know what they should be doing. It's like they say, "Nobody knows your business like everybody else," right? Good thing your their to enlighten everyone and tell them what to put on their site! LEAD US, OR GREAT ONE! SHOW US THE WAY!

It's really rather simple. They can write what they want. You can choose to read or not. Hell, you can even choose to pointlessly troll t...

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I was skeptical of a new Angry Birds, but I think they did a great job with the space setting. Let's just say I was "converted."

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