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Who are these people? Just nothing but silly hyperbole....and you are being played by the Us games media...

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Everything you said here is nonsense.

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PN has more then gold..dude...

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LOL every time MS does something sony doesn't need to? What with this ridiculous is ahead..not catching up...can MS keep up with sony is the reality, awful, awful article.

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Reading this will lower your IQ..Cearly has no idea what a monopoly means,.

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Depends by what Metric? Sales wide nothing much has changed. First party still has lots to prove.

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No one cares...

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@sonic-crash how the F can you say Sony is wasting money yet? We know nothing about it lolol. stfu.

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LOLOL games are not even out yet, what a fanboy take./

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lol.,..same as always really,

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You must be the US maybe, outside the US xbox is on shelves easy to buy.

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I like how the press keeps going on and on about gamepass, meanwhile PS5 keeps dominating and will leave xbox in the dst ..again. It's a rental service, you don't own the games, that will never appeal to the masses in the way the press thinks.

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lol at being a pathetic fanboy like you.

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LOL at this being a news story, sums up why Xbox is second fiddle as always.

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What a disaster this game ended up being...How to ruin your reputation with one move.

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Microsoft supports seditious polticians.

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Control and this free on PS plus, what a month

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Dual Sense is more next gen then anything

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lol at this defense

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the game even if you ignore the technical issues, even on pc has issues and is undercooked. Some of those early reviews were fanboy fever dreams. Ai, world, crime systems , and more are poor

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