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stadia for your phone, sounds like a great idea /s

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Mobile gaming is 99% of whats wrong with gaming today, I hope this fails harder than mixer.

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wake up, with gamepass no one is buying games, they are just renting them

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who's gonna break it to him that vr displays are still flat

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gee I wonder, play on the 10 year old hardware or 2 years old...

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prob just accessability options for people who use ps controllers on pc

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It neutered it? Because that's what replacing suspense with action does.

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you're just encouraging them to remove more games by inflating sales when it leaves, but ok

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"never have to spend 70 on a game again" but have to spend monthly for the rest of my life... do you see the bad logic there?

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enjoy waiting for years after release for your shit port

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they literally arent even trying anymore are they

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let a major news network pick up that microsoft is enabling piracy and see how long your emulation sticks around.

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They did that already, 3 times. You may not like games as a service but publishers do... and they are the ones that grant the IP's ultimately (they pay the devs). So what I'm trying to say is your opinion on the whole thing really doesn't matter because its not the majority. Don't like it, don't buy it... see? noone cares.

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nope, they clearly state cosmetics on pass. It would be a really bad look for marvel to give away characters free with avengers and suicide squad charge for them... think about it

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generally people, esp employees stay quiet when nda's are in place

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wow, they cant even proofread their own articles anymore... unreal engine 5, not 4

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no, it sounds like they couldnt get it running under their own performance standards they put out

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well, not everyone has a "pub" problem so there's that. But enjoy your tech demos.

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The game is overhyped, get over it.

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some of us have different ambitions for sure

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