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Make sure you don't cut yourself on that edge, old man. Let people mod what they wanna mod and mind your business. Also discovery to speak english before calling people out.

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Just clickbait.

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Near midlife crisis people acting like babies... RE3 next, RE4 next.
Just let them make a new one instead of reliving your youth.

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If you're new to these it's fine. But if you know the consoles, everyone knows N64 was far more powerful and only its cartridge was beneath PSX's specs.

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This is just a RUMOR this site picked up from another speculating site.

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The clickbait is strong.

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They hire anybody now.

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Tragedy? Oh, why not kill a few people for it? /s

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I'd feel ashamed to post such nonsense online, creepo.
If you had a "real woman" as you say, she wouldn't let you judge people on N4G and she'd be with a better dude sharing their love for DOAX without their feelings being threatened by hot japanese 3D girls.

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Quite possible that this is the worst article I've ever seen on N4G.. and I've read stuff here from back in the early 360 vs. PS3 times.

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Cringeworthy clickbait.

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The article is obvious childish clickbait, that doesn't mean that Sony doesn't definitely lead this gen as MS has been dissapointing and can't replicate the success of the X360.

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Cringeworthy clickbait, damn.

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Yeah it shows that was the priority, instead of gameplay and animation. Even there, they are mostly man-faced women.

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It's no. 2 out of 2, lol.

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Do you usually talk making assumptions?
As far as the market goes 1080p is not worthy of being called "glorious" unless you live in 2006. I'm fine with 16-bit consoles on CRT, don't shove your silly childish agenda on me... I was just making fun of the fanboyish clickbait title.

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1080p glorious? This is not a PS3 game to be boasting about achieving 1080p...

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Looks good, but not to the same effect as back in the days... especially when GT3 hit.
Graphically lots of games caught up, but as far as replay goes, GT has never been matched.

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So the trend is to be like Dark Souls now.

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It looks somewhat crappier. Too colorful, like a bs kiddy mod.

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