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My issue is how do developers announce a video game release date then suddenly it turns into a year delay, how do they get it so wrong consistently.

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What a joke, nearly a full year delay. Like WTF were they thinking that it was going to release last year.

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Eh a bit late now as the game development wise is finished.

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Doesn't have the Series S holding it back.

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Game is looking great and as a PS5 exclusive it doesn't have the Series S holding it back.

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But but but what about the alphabet people.

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Glad the game has great reviews and sales after the crazy woke mob tried to have it cancelled.

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@gangsta_red when I pay 70 dollars for a game I'd like to be able to play it on my own choosing and not worry when the servers go down for maintenance or shut down in a few years time.

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Better if they are separate as it allows more creative freedom for developers. For example a Justice League would be severely hampered if it had to be linked to the movies as developers couldn't use the villains they want.

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Would obese princess suffice or is that offensive to fatties too?

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Eh no how about go fuck yourself, Avengers ip is shit hot with endless comics to inspire a great game yet they somehow royally fucked it up. What's their excuse for poor rogues gallery, crap boss battle and fighting the same robot's over and over again not to mention having Ms Marvel in the game, a hero nobody asked for.

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Hopefully we get footage of an actual boss battle against the Justice League.

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With this releasing on PC soon I've a good feeling GOW Ragnarok will be getting a release date sometime in Q2 2022

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LOL I can just imagine some of them wanting Tom Clancy to be cancelled as he's a privileged toxic white male.

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No shit its not coming out, we will be lucky if we get a new GTA in the next 5 years.

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If its that good then show a damn a gameplay trailer.

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Talk about releasing hot, this is a game without a campaign so how bad was development.

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Easier said than done, Sony had leverage with Disney regarding Spiderman movie rights plus the fact they hit a home run with the Spiderman game both commercially and critically means they have a good relationship with Disney to do more deals. Now compare that to Square Enix who royally fucked up an Avengers game.
MS don't have the leverage to get the DC rights from WB as Playstation is to big to ignore.

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Really hoping Monoliths next game is a Matrix game but I wont complain if they do a LOTR game again set in the time of Melkor.

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