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pretty fun so far. hopefully no legal issues harm the game cuz Friday the 13th didn't deserve to die out like that.

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eh, I would have preferred the top right blank space to have the PSV2 mark and not shrink the box art.

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wish I could go back to 2010 and experience Bad Company 2 all over again.

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Sony should definitely give it another try especially since they have more characters now like Joel/Ellie, Delsin, Sir Galahad, Deacon, Aloy, Jin, Atoi/Iota, etc. Maybe even use characters who weren't in the first game for some reason like Gabe Logan or Dart.

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For anyone wanting the answers to the Hit Play 1994 Challenge.

Stay x Circle of Life - Returnal
Baby I Love Your Way x Go West - Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
Mr. Jones x Regulate - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
More Human Than Human - Detroit: Become Human
Wild Night - Until Dawn
Streets of Philadelphia - Heavy Rain

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might as well collect some trophies/achievements.

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I bet they had a good laugh about Babylon's Fall as well.

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I mean the Quarry is more of a Creature Feature than a Slasher type of Teen Horror.

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wish it had a better ending. a sizzle reel telling me who lived and died doesn't cut it. Laura and Max Reunion was probably the closest thing.

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Wish there was a way to hide games on the PSN Store that you know you're not interested in and will never want to buy similar to how you're able to hide games in your collection and just have an extra tab that's for games you've chosen to hide.

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not all heroes wear capes.

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I wouldn't know what to do if I had a case of 48 Switch Games and it ended up getting lost or stolen. To each their own.

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looks great. not spending $70 but ill pick it up on a sale for sure.

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I was interested until I saw the publisher 2K games 😒

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I dont expect cross gen games to go away until the supply of PS5s and XBXs becomes more readily available.

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lol I see 2K played it smart pairing Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul with probably the most popular DLC character RVD.

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crazy considering the original Advance Wars on the GBA was delayed due to the 9/11 attacks.

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2K15 had like 25 CAW Slots and you couldn't make any female CAWs. at least for the PS4/X1 Version.

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I mean they have confirmed 100 slots. it's Bogus but at least it didn't decrease like 2K14-->2K15.

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deluxe edition is $20 extra just for extra some outfits?

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