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Actually most people with a mental illness are not violent. Many of them have certainly never threatened to kill someone. People with a personality disorder are more likely to threaten violence and act impulsively. Not people that have a mental illness.

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Because this type of thing would never happen in the Xbox community.

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You can't be serious?

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Spider Man Miles Morales lmao. Yes the game is solid and after playing for a few hours it gets more repetitive than a Ubisoft game. Once the joy of the swinging mechanics wear off, you soon realize that Miles Morales is like an old car with new paint.

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Phil is very relatable and is nearly perfect at his job. He has taken control and really has pushed Xbox in a great direction.

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I play on PC which is where I'll enjoy Ragnarok when it makes its way. Only good thing Sony has done for us. Why would I buy a PS5 for a subpar performance? I'm not trolling you are just obsessed with Sony.

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Doesn't hold a candle to 2018. More of the same with a much weaker story. Decent game and that's about it really.

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It's not better or more memorable. It's very good, but 2018 is a better game. Sony is losing their direction. Time to take a risk with something new.

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Gamepass is just so amazing. Adding EA play to it brought the service to a whole nother level. Phil Spencer has the brightest mind in gaming. By far.....

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I'd sure hope that a game also on PS4 would run flawlessly on the PS5. I'm glad it runs so well but if I'm being honest, the game gets boring very very quickly. I'm also tired of how much over acting Kratos does, some moments are pure cringe.

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Gamepass has changed everything. Phil, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for Gamepass. I just bought 50 years worth of subscription and I'm so happy.

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We are all so spoiled right now. This game will be talked about 1000 plus years from now. Masterpiece in every single way.

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