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The long load times happen when you die apparently. Haven't played the game myself but we've seen the video evidence of those load times, and most of the people who don't seem to be having that issue have 2 things in common, they aren't too deep into the game & they haven't died yet.

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Are you talking about the articles from sites w/ Xbox in the title? At this point there are only 7 positive scores on MC, 3 or which all come from Xbox/MS only sites. Take those away & you are left w/ 4 positive reviews, the exact same number of overwhelmingly negative reviews in the 3-4 range. 13 mixed scores that are all in the 60-70 range.

Sounds to me like this game is a 7. The bugs & technical issues bring it down to a 6.

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I think an underwhelming release for Scalebound is a foregone conclusion at this point. Sea of Thieves may have more potential because Rare is finally out from under the shadow of Kinect so I'm assuming they saved up some good ideas. Also, SoT is pretty focused on a niche type of gamer that is going to enjoy it for what it is no matter how limited its range may end up. I think it has potential to be a low key kinda hit for certain folks, but not some huge blockbuster for sure.

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I mean the dude created Mega Man & had a hand in some all time gaming classics. Can't really call him a "hack". I think it more likely he has been poorly managed since he left Capcom. Seems like the dude needs a firm guiding hand or he will go off the rails by himself in Mighty No. 9's instance, or in Recore's instance he obviously wasn't afforded the resources & money necessary to realize his vision.

This game was destined to be a low bud...

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"Some people praise Phil Spencer, but it is becoming more obvious that he really isn't investing into non heavy hitter games as much as he states."

Exactly this. Spencer has somehow become some kind of poster child for gaming execs, and I think that is solely down to the lip service he pays. Problem is he rarely if ever follows up on any of that, he just says "Stay Tuned!" and that is apparently enough for some folks. Recore seems like a shining exam...

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.....ummm. Someone hasn't played UC4, which features picks to climb craggy surfaces, a rope arrow to swing across, and rock slide areas to slide down. Still not seeing how TR's platforming is "far better". Either way the point was that they are both basically no fail type scenarios if you know how to hit the buttons at the right place & neither is any more or less guilty of being hand holding.

As far as puzzles, I haven't p...

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Sounds more likely that Nintendo silently asked them to remove it from Xbox (w/ the implied threat of some form of legal action).

Emulators are fully legal but ROMs have plenty of caveats. These games are Nintendo's livelihood so they would come after MS w/ everything they have...even if MS' legal team has more money, Xbox is far from the lynchpin of their business & I highly doubt shareholders would approve of some kind of legal battle over a few pithy video ga...

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This case is dead in the water so it doesn't seem all that interesting as of now to me. Do you honestly think that Nintendo is going to allow middle men, one in the form of an emulator author, two in the form of a ROM publisher, and three in the form of MS to profit off of their wares while they take a small sliver?

If anything, this kind of thing could push Nintendo towards creating their own official emulators for other systems, but even that is a bit unlikely when th...

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MS owns the IP though, and this game is releasing in a first party capacity as an MS Exclusive, so MS should've given more oversight.

There are only 2 potentialities here, either MS was so hands off they didn't even care to find out the state of the game before it released (highly unlikely for MS as they are proud of their high involvement in any games made on their system) or MS was unwilling to afford this game the kind of budget & resources it needed to rele...

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Hasn't the climbing for TR been brought more in line w/ Uncharted's style since the reboot? Aside from the piton there was nothing to separate the two in terms of mechanics when the first reboot released, then when Uncharted 4 came & brought the piton itself, along w/ the rope mechanic that both titles used simultaneously, I really can't see how TR's climbing holds your hand any less than UC does. That is the one area where the games are nearly identical, aside from Unchar...

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"The Boycott Brigade" will be the only thing that keeps TR 3 from launching as MS' big annual marquee timed exclusive in 2018. That's good for gamers all around. Good for PS fans that don't want to wait a year & good for MS fans that should be more interested in MS spending their money on true first party games that would've been unavailable otherwise. Sad that TR has to be the sacrificial lamb because I absolutely love the series, but I didn't make the rules...

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"But you can't help but think something is really wrong with Sony when every game keeps getting delayed and delayed. Either stop announcing the release date, that could be a solution until it is 2-3 months away."

And therein lies the rub. The gaming community gets upset over delays, so when Sony tries to fix that by not putting solid release dates on games revealed at E3 this year, the gaming community gets worked up about these games being "so far out th...

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Goes both ways really. Delays are no big deal when MS or Nintendo does them either.

Surely Sony could've pushed this game out the door regardless of what state it is in, just to appease people like yourself that are critical of delays, but where does that get them? Seems like a game 10 years in the making deserves to have a smooth & successful rollout. More publishers could learn something from Sony in this regard. Look at Recore, that was a game that could've m...

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Do you honestly buy the idea that every Scorpio title will be native 4k, while that isn't even possible for many current titles on PC w/ higher specs than the Scorpio itself?

Was the power difference between PS4 & XBO 'generation defining'? It's ultimately the same percentage wise in comparison between the PS4 Pro & Scorpio.

The 360 became the default console for devs not based off of its own strengths, but more off of PS3's we...

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I'd personally prefer upgrading individual components. The only reason that seems to ever cause any issues in regards to PC is that there are a variety of vendors creating these components. If Sony & MS made some kind of hot swap type port for their next systems that only accepted Sony or MS components, I don't see why upgrading would be an issue. Even if it necessitates consoles becoming a bit more bulky I'd be fine w/ that. It just feels wasteful to me to buy an entirely new...

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All patches across the board have always costed the developers to implement. That goes for every platform. Not like this is some new practice specifically for Pro upgrades.

There is no need for Sony to address this issue whatsoever because it is an inside issue. Just like devs & publishers have to pay to develop their games, they will have to pay to develop any upgrades and they will have to pay to patch their titles just like they always have. This isn't really an ...

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Makes more sense than MS releasing the 360 w/ a standard DVD drive & then turning around and releasing an add-on for HD DVD. I've heard most 360 players say they didn't care having to switch discs, something that actively affected gaming itself. In this instance gaming isn't affected in the slightest, but it's a big deal now? I suppose Sony could always release an add-on for those who want access to that content. If the medium catches on, they could add a UHD drive to the ...

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How do you get so many disagrees for a basic fact? Does any sane person truly believe that physical UHD or physical films in general are somehow more popular than streaming?

BD was worth implementing because it would allow for discs that had MUCH more storage space than a traditional DVD...to my knowledge UHD discs aren't discernibly possessive of much more space than BD or anything BD would be capable of itself.

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Tell that to the music industry...or the print media industry....or now the film industry itself.

Streaming & digital content is fairly big these days. Sure you are right that there will always be those who prefer to collect their physical media, but those types of collectors are also the ones that want to splurge on a top of the line UHD player to go along w/ it. Blu Ray was the last frontier of physical film (and even that was a drop in the bucket compared to DVD sale...

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Exactly this. And even beyond that, there will be no "real 4k console" for the foreseeable future. Both the Pro & Scorpio will only run select titles at a native 4k resolution...in order to be a '4k console' in absolute terms that'd have to mean that everything runs in that resolution natively across the board & not in select cases. Maybe Scorpio will end up w/ more native 4k titles but it'll all be up to the devs, and if the install base isn't there for ...

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