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This is not a huge deal. They still had 1.8 billion in revenue. The company in no way took a loss and the 360 is not selling as well. MS also lowered the price of the one. I don't know why we are comparing them to a company trying to get back in business that has dropped everything to stay alive. It's not even the same thing. We should all be happy both companies are now making money. I expected sales to be down for both companies with 360 and ps3 sales sliding.

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The last one was on 360 and did pretty well. We will have to see if square brings us the new one to the one. With MS wanting Japanese games it should happen. Either way I'm set up with both consoles.

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If you can afford them both they will both be great games or buy one and trade it for the other when your done. Just some ideas to help.

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Very nice library of games

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Hope you have a wonderful future and thank you for all your hard work. It's great to hear about the possible bubble system update. Thank you. You will be missed.

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Microsoft themselves said the first directx12 game on the one will be fable. So when that comes out vs gears I guess will be telling if gears is using DirectX12. I sure hope they are.

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Its immediately on Xbox but hopefully Sony will fix this.

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Now I thought metacritic was a joke and reviews were just opinions that did not matter. That is what was just stated over and over for the order. I want to know why this game is different? I own a ps4 and pre-ordered this game. I am not one who cares about reviews or what console it's on. I play what games look good to me and I started the souls series on Sony and I'm happy to continue it with them. Just do not quite understand the double standard with reviews? Just my opinion. Btw ge...

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Terrible opinion piece

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Would love someone to post some information on the day one patch as this game I have preordered and yes this bothers me.

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I have to agree. This is going to cause a lot of frustration as people are going to want to get back in there game to correct that mistake. Not wait 40 seconds. I hope they improve this with a patch since the game is gold. I have been looking forward to this as I have all the soul games on multiple systems.

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I thought the ps move was the successor. Where does that fit in?

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Bloodborne could easily end up on Xbox it's no diffrent then titan fall or tomb raider. Its from software's game and me published a lot of games ps4 and ps3 got.

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Have to remember micro are specialist in software so they should be able to outperform Sony hands down in that field.

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I would not expect much with Japan and China not getting along plus they bootleg most product

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Micro could easily cut this gen short and go with a pc lifecycle of three years and put out an Xbox two with killer hardware. It's really up to them as they can do whatever they want to win.

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This is not a souls game. My understanding it's a new ip from the makers of the soul series. Correct me if I'm wrong as many are calling this part of the soul series.

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This will get Sony sued again. I don't care what disclaimers they use. You can't do that to customers who paid.

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How about bringing back some of the talent they just let go.

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Wolfenstien I loved and was 1080p on both and 60fps

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