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No Ubisoft? 🤔

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In term of creativity Sony is now on par with Nintendo. He open a way others follow. GG!

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Rest room time is over !

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Everyones know what happen with RARE. The only developper on par with Nintendo at the time.

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Ill say it again Microsfot is going multiplatforms they going to capitalize on digital market with Gamepass. They need great studios to attract more gamers. Soon or later Microsoft will decline gamepass on PS console. Wait and see.

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I think Serie S will be their next excuse for their future Craig'ed games! Like Oh you know we have to think about our Serie S player base🥺!

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We'll see if it can keep up with Ghost of Tsuhima.

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Technically BF5 its superior but as an overall MW 2019 KO BFV so bad.
Until now i cant undrstand how a COD studio can beat DICE in a BR mode when you know some is specialise in small map and the other on big map vehicule destruction etc.
And im BF fan since PS2 era.🤦‍♂️

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Dudes please enjoy the game not the specs! 🙏🏽

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I dont understand the dislike! But TLOU multiplayer was great.

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With this game quality Videogame deserve a place at Oscars like animation movie.

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We witnessed the end of Microsoft as console company!

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More all PS4 exclusives (Horizon, God of War etc...) need next gen upgrade.

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> Best cheaters.

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Lot of gamers nowadays play BR like Fortnite, Warzone and Apex. So if they upgrade it to next gen standard (like 4k 60 fps or 120 fps) trust many people gonna pick next gen console day one. Even PC Gamer because console remain the best solution to avoid cheaters. 😝!

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I dont understand "this back to the root" things. Dont be afraid to evolved.

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RDR 2 gameplay was to clunky for me! I know they want to be authentic but i think they gone too far. The gunfight was heavy for me. Sure its a masterpiece story, graphics but gameplay wise i prefer Days Gone or HZD style.

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Like "Brute" Force i think!


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What keep Microsoft leading XBOX 360 era was exclusive like Forza, Gear halo, Alan Wake and many other time exclusives like Mass effect, Bioshock, left 4 dead etc. And Sony bad advertising and marketing strategy at the time (full of themselves).
But sadly Microsoft didnt capitalize on their strength and going full services and digital. Forgetting the most important games. Except for Forza, others exclusives to fade.
I dont know how they gonna compete this gen? Sony got all t...

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The game will be on gamepass day 1! Shut up you''ll get it for nothing! Later u got some patch for the final version. And thinks to our revolutionnary technology "Smart delivery" the next gen version its for free! Life is beautiful isnt it?

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