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No, it's actually because I don't give a toss if people agree with me and I say what I want and don't care who ignores me or of what ratio I have.

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How is it a diversion? You made the diversion in your first response, please tell me who is copying who? Because I'm pretty sure Nintendo made their console with motion control in mind. Who's bringing it to their console now Shadow?

Sony. That's who Shadow, Sony. Because they like copying the leader.

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Which one's made more money Shadow? Not bad for an inferior console.

And if I stopped playing games on console because the graphics weren't as good as on the pc I wouldn't be playing many ps3 games.

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Ah diddums Noctis, go cry in the corner.

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Nah, I'll be buying it as soon as though.

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This little piggy went to market....

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Yeah Sony's come up trumps with copying others technologies.

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Good article.

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Yeah motion controls will be cool then.

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I just explained my stance. I would feel the same with what ever company was expecting me to go out and do the same thing. What is there to understand?

And no need to condescend, it's not the fact I can't afford it, it's the expectance that I will go out and buy a new tv just so I can be at the cutting edge.

I thought just owning a ps3 was supposed to be cutting edge. What, I have to get a new tv as well?

And the glasses?

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Well at least we can agree on Metroid Other M Band1t. Just not everything else.

(He doesn't want Mario Galaxy 2? He must be crazy!?)

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Most Bioware games hold up well on 2nd playthroughs, I've played BG2 numerous times because the way you choose to play has such an effect on the gameplay. I'm playing it again now, I've lost count of the times I've played it.

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tunaks1 has the reasons covered. Exclusives galore.

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Have you got a Sony microwave as well morgan? I'm really interested.

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Frankly it's the requirement of a brand new tv that makes me poo poo on it. That and having to wear a pair of glasses to play games.

But yeah you're right, Sony rules. Go Sony.

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It's not new though is it? Just strikes me that Sony follows what others have made and somehow makes it seem as if they were the inventors.

And personally I'd rather be able to get into something without having to spend a huge amount of money to get into it.

And I quote "dammit, i just got a 58" plasma last year... no 3D tv for me... at least for a long time "

Not much good to you either aye?

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PC has had this technology for ages. But it's new now, because Sony thought of it.

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Hark at you. Always makes me laugh when people point out they own Sony TVs, like we really care.

I work for a living also, and would consider spending more money on another tv a waste after I'd just spent money on a recent one.

But hey, money grows on trees for everyone aye?

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It'll be the PSP Go!

But you're right, let's focus on the foreign product trying to make it into the Japanese market rather than the Japanese product that is totally failing in its own country and around the globe.

Lol, look at the 360!

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