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Every remaster and collection are stupid, release new games and stop focusing on old games.

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Series S can add one TB of storage which equals the price as buying PS5 or Series X. Lol.

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Series s is only 364gb if you are going to play it that way.

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Series S is also 500gb lol

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FUD news against PS5 as usual especially controller drift exist on every controllers with analog stick.

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Fake news, This is just PR blunt news. There will be very few fps boosted as usual. They are just saying this for PR.

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Microsoft was trying to increase their gold subscription a while ago, i'm sure they aren't happy with the current price model they have right now. lol

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Fake, This is another FUD news.

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I had ps4 pro with a ds4 drift before but it was still under warranty and sony replaced it with a brand new ds4.

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I don't even want this to come to ps5. too mediocre.

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So much for gamepass is the future.

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Gamespot has hidden agenda against Playstation exclusives.
Gamespot reviews
TLOU2 = 8
GoT = 7
And this indie game as 9. lol

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That's cute.
Gamespot reviews
TLOU2 = 8
GoT = 7
And this indie game as 9. lol

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Looks to me this review was bribed.

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Still better than paying double the amount for XBL. lol

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They are just delaying it. lol

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Sony still has Free 2 play as Free. Yet not free on XBL. lol

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