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I definitely feel a strong Kingdom Hearts vibe in the combat. Especially from Kingdom Hearts 3. Clouds’ “punishing stance” looks exactly like Riku’s fighting stance.

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I gotta admit the lady in the thumbnail freaks me out if I look at her for more than 10 seconds. Something is so creepy about the image.

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I’m still playing but I would have loved to see if myself first instead on their thumbnail. Your reading a bit too hard into my comment... you must really love their site.

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Man I hate Twinfinite. They never think before they post. At least don’t put a massive spoiler as your thumbnail. I hope this article gets no heat!

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Bought the Collectors edition and the digital version of the game. They deserve every penny.

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I rarely comment on this site...but the NieR: Automata demo puts your whole article to rest. Platinum isn't going anywhere.

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I'd rather dress like these guys than Young Thug;...any day!

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I LOVE the fact that the lead character is different than just another generic hero. I hope that her ethnicity actually shines through her character and it's not just for looks. I also hope they don't try to lighting her skin to appease to the masses.

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Lol! This actually scares me...Xenoblade drops on the 4th.

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Looks GREAT!!! But is that the same main character from Hyper Light Drifter?

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Naw. I LOVE western rpgs but JRPGs are still on top. I would only go as far to say right they seem to be marketed much more than JRPGs. Honestly I'm just glad I'm a fan of both types...so one type over another really doesn't matter to me.

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Yet I see grown ass men signing Frozen's theme song. "Let it snow!". I say love what you love no matter what age you are.

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Yeah I had to import it:/

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It's ALL a matter of opinions. I loved Final Fantasy 13 and I love the Final Fantasy 15 demo. I feel like both games are way too different to compare honestly. And that is why I love the Final Fantasy series so much. Each entry has its own identity different from the previous game. I just hope Final Fantasy 15 gets released this year.

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DO NOT BUY the gel tab grips! They will fall off while your in the heat of battle. I bought them for my DS4, they are terrible. Kontrol Freaks and much better.

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TRUE Kingdom Hearts fans know this game won't be coming out anytime soon.

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Noooo! Welp I guess I'm leaving IGN too. He was the heart of that place so now the site is dead to me.

I'm glad Colin is leaving... he's such a d!ck.

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I WILL! I have no shame in liking what I like. I'm a grown man!

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Yeah I gotta agree...and I'm playing on the PC on ultra settings. Playing at 60fps is pretty nice though.

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Lol I'm 77 hours in and it still feels like my journey is just beginning.

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