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These Nintendo fanboys are the worse lying about their gaming setup while being an extremist about a children's toy. Which objective gamer who games on other consoles wouldn't realize how abysmal the support is for the switch. Comparing the switch to another console like the ps4 that gets amazing exclusive games a lot and third party games co...

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Do you like the new photo of my gaming setup and how shiny my 5k quid pc is? It sucks you can only afford a switch to play a handful of games. All that salt isn't good for your health mate


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You better watch out for fanboys hating your honest opinion because you're not celebrating Nintendo every move. We all know Nintendo has a lot of gaming droughts where they don't release games for months upon months which has been going on since I've been a Nintendo gamer. Nintendo fan addicts don't want better but the same games over and over



Just because of all the salt

So the big list of Nintendo compelling games for this year consists of like 80 percent ports from other consoles and a couple mediocre to badly rated games? So if youre a hardcore gamer that normally buys all the console and a lot of the exclusive games then youd most likely have played over 80 percent ...

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Name the tons of exclusive games that were released please? Im a gamer with all the gaming systems and two Nintendo switches so id like to know of these games please, I 'll be waiting for the list

stop posting that photo, it's not even yours. We've been over this before."

How many times will I embarrass you mate? I'll update my setup again. I understand you can only afford a children's toy but some people c...

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This is very good for Nintendo but bad for gamers and people who purchased the Nintendo switch because they barely released games. Eleven months without games


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“All great consoles need a great second year, and Nintendo hasn’t delivered one for the Switch,” said Cornelio Ash, an analyst at William O’Neil & Co. in Los Angeles. “Investors thought over five years they could sell maybe 90 million units. But after this year, that’s looking pretty much impossible.”

This year has been rubbish for the switch and there can be no denying it. If you own the switch and isn't a fanboy then you'd understand. Nintendo acts as if the ...

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It's over for the Xbox and it's been over for the past five years. Microsoft are now making certain moves to appear that they are addressing the biggest issue that has been plaguing Xbox since last generation but their games will still be multiplatform and takes years to get released. PlayStation has been doing the same thing generation after generation which is releasing amazing exclusive games and gamers can trust that when you get a PlayStation it will get a lot of amazing games. S...

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PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 84,896,463

Xbox One Total Sales: 39,440,512

Switch Total Sales: 21,575,610

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PlayStation domination as usual.

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The Wii was rubbish. I liked the Wii a lot and was a massive Wii fan because I was a child at the time but later when I got a bit older i realized the controls were imprecise and it lacked certain games I could play on my Xbox 360. Wii sold to non gamers and children

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"Fallout 76: Tips and strategies for leveling up fast. "

Returning the game is the best way to level up fast. This game is rubbish and I hope Bethesda doesn't make a rubbish elder scrolls 6

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Hopefully he's charged for buying that rubbish game

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PlayStation domination. I wonder if it'll sell over 100million by years end.

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Next gen doesn't start until the new PlayStation is released so I now understand what Microsoft rep is saying.

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Ps5 will be released in 2019

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