Got sick of everyone's BS, so I started spouting my own.


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If you have an Xbox One, PLAY IT. If you don't have one, get it on PC. I feel no one should be missing out on this. I haven't enjoyed a game like this in a long, long time.

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That title is VERY misleading. Streaming is NOT banned, they're banning livestreaming for those in their Content program. Irresponsible journalism right there.

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I have to admit, I would have never thought of a Zelda lunchbox collectible being released. $40 for all that is ridiculous though.

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About 3 months late on this.

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5.7 GB

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@porkChop, obviously the devs ARE abusing the DMCA. No excusing that. But I get a kick that the trolls come on here just to piss people off because of 'SJWs' or 'PC' or whatever fear-mongering bullshit they like to bring in just to cause chaos.

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How dare they get ticked that this man uses a racial slur. How dare they don't do nothing.

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This 'list' is a joke. Their explanations are a joke. None of these are what anyone would call a 'scam'. Clearly their definition of scam is different to the one I'm familiar with. Also, no Mighty Number 9, even though that would be more fitting then any of these other entries on this "list"?

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That reddish one in the top, you can definitely make out Quote from that.

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Possible, but this project has been known for a year now, and SE hasn't done anything yet.

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Good god this is amazing for a fan work.

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alot of these early 'consoles' are sadly not remembered or even cared about. While most people happily celebrate Nintendo and the NES, Atari and the 2600 which arguably laid the groundwork for its big successor is left in a corner. (2nd gen tangent over.)

Even more so, the Odyssey. Good god was it incredibly basic, but so does everything just starting out. While the early gens were incredibly influential, I don't feel they're quite the 'best' gen, bu...

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You're probably right, but then again PCs are weird. You may be surprised by some out there.

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I said 'a nintendo site' reposting 'a top 100 list'. Good god, I wasn't even trying and you're digging your own holes here.

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A nintendo site reposting a top 100 list where the #1 pick is Zelda. Surprising.

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Good god people, read the freaking article. The option is for those with weaker PCs, not everyone can afford a $1000 rig.

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There was an IGN board from November of 2001 and everyone was complaining about the then Top 100 Games ever by EGM. I want them to see this list and apologize for calling EGM's list bad.

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Well sure, to those who are interested in those franchises, but not for me.

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Nothing that's gonna want me to rush out and get one. That's for sure.

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