In dire need of bright flashing lights and vibrant sounds


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in the same way that Cigerettes don't cause Cancer"-Current Surgeon General, Steven K Galson.

I think the SG is full of crap!

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If I see anymore of these fanboyish comments, I swear to god, my IQ is going to drop 20 points!

I hate all fanboys but god, all you Xbox FB are absolutely the WORST! You actually come in here to TRY and start something! Not to say that the PS FB's Don't but, BUT BAJEZUS YOU CUNTS ARE THICK!!!

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Why can't we all just get along?

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I don't know what you and everybody else is talking about, I loved Confrontation, it was a good game, wasn't an imaculate pillar of awesome and chips, but it was functional (well after they patched it) and it still remains one of my favorite things to play! I think Slant Six did an admirable job!

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@Kionicwarrior, Duh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh, Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuh, BATMAN, BATMAN!!!

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you get the 15 kill streak ability, Call in Chuck Norris:

This ability calls in the legendary Chuck Norris who decends upon the battlefield, upon ariving he stares the enemy team down and obliterates them all with a single firey roundhouse kick!

Pros: Kills All the Enemies on the Field!

Cons: What Cons? This is Chuck Norris were talking about!

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Wouldn't it be the Blu Ring of Death! XD!

In all seriousness I seriously don't see this as a big deal, MS will never implement a Blu-Ray attachment, and even if they did it would only be for movies!

I also don't get the whole DVD>Blu-Rays when it comes to gaming! So you have to install stuff, it still looks better, and guess don't have to watch the loading screen, you can go....and do somthing say....get a snack.....or get some fresh a...

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Missed that, Apologies are necessary!

Sorry Bro!

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These graphics look pretty good actually, and the whole, COMPLETELY VOICED thing is big news! Sure it's kind of a dissapointment that they went with a "The Clone Wars" kind of graphic, but hey, it still looks good!

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...*begins to clap* Gentlemen I believe we have just witnessed a miracle, this man has his head COMPLETELY up his own ass, and wait...WHATS he's pulling facts out of his ass, AMAZING!

Sarcastic wit aside...your an idiot (first of all this belongs in the open zone)

Secondly, I assure you that the game will sell better on the PS3 than the 360, reason being, it probably has the most RPG'ers on it (even if we are missing a few RPG's) Thirdly, the FF fanbase h...

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Good Times, Now if only I could learn to fly a plane without sucking at it!

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If you honestly believe that than you need a lobotomy, and FAST!!!

Multiplat games are good on both system, with the PS3 and the 360 taking certain crowns in different games!

Timeshift was better on 360

Blazblue was better on PS3

Both consoles have their Gems in their multiplat crowns!

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Last time I checked "the freedom of choice is the cornerstone of a sound democracy!"

I don't want one company to hold a monopoly on the gaming industry. I don't know anybody who would want a monopoly on anything!

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Are you trying to be a total douchnozzle, or dose it just come naturally to you!

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They are very different, this is true, however they are both over the shoulder third person shooters!

It's less like comparing Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy and more comparing Infamous and Crackdown (very similar yet totally different)

...that aside, was there ever any doubt that MGS4 would beat the pants off of Gears of War, it just seems like a no brainer!

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This was one of the games that almost made me buy a 360, if it comes to america there'll only be 3 more games that I want!

Mass Effect


Star Ocean 4

Though I doubt any of these will reach the PS3, at least we have a decent shot of seeing ToV!

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Unfortunately, I can't agree with you on that, the 360 has some amazing games, and if any of them were to come to the PS3 it would only be good news!

Mass Effect
Left 4 Dead
Star Ocean 4 (though the Voice Acting was absolutely dreadful)

These would all be welcomed additions to the PS3 library!

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Give me a new IP that I can sink my teeth into! (don't get me wrong, I loved Dark Cloud, and Rouge Galaxy, but I really want something new and exciting)

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I'm gonna place my money on Left 4 Dead, as I have a feeling that VALVe is going to give us 2 anyway!

I'll be back in a year to feed you some freshly baked crow!

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