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I knew something was off with her when she first showed up. That explains it, she does an OK job, but I do miss Anderson. :(

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Yes, please. I never got to finish it because I freaking lost the 3rd disc! BAH!

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There was nothing to reclaim, they just remade a hit from 15 years ago. They've done nothing different or special.

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It's, like, not about, like, vulgarity, it's, like, really annoying when, like, they use the same, like, word 50 times in, like, a span of, like, a few minutes, like, duh.

Watch out everyone, we have an edgelord over here!

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It honestly makes me wince every time I hear "fuck" now, it's so overused. It can't be that hard to check a thesaurus from time to time. XD

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There's bad dialogue and then just pure cringe with a fistful of F bombs to complete the edgy factor they're trying so hard to meet.

Reminds me of every season of Castlevania aside from the first, when will writers learn to use cursing in a manner that will enhance the "oh shit" factor, ie Bojack Horseman. You can be edgy without cursing every 10 seconds.

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Netflix's Castlevania say's HI. I also have high hopes for Disney's Little Mermaid liveaction, let the F bombs drop baby!

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I would have rather they ended the whole Kratos Saga, I don't want to see him stretched out like Assassins Creed into oblivion and irrelevance.

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Just hope they have a good friend to warn them to stay away from the fan fiction sequel. Oof.

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Canceled on Steam but bought again on PS5 XD
Denuvo is a no go for me, sorry Steam.

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TLoU 2 was masterful in all BUT narrative/story and characters. It was a boring arc we all saw coming, revenge porn galore, one dimensional and sometimes idiotic character decisions serving to further the story, the shock and awe moment that served no other purpose than to upset the playerbase, and an unlikeable new lead thought up out of thin air to make a second game happen.

It was praised by critic shills who lick the boots of anythi...

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Stopped playing remakes if I've already beat them in the past. Played and beat DS to platinum so no need to pay for the same game again, Forspoken felt like a big tech demo with a cringe dialogue that seems to plague modern media so that's a pass for me.

Really wish they remade some better classics like Soul Reaver, Legend of Dragoon, Army Men, God Hand, Dark Cloud, Black, many great games they can bring to us from the past.

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Ellie's evil twin, this is not the Ellie we know in LoU2. XD

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So they just copy and pasted then added gore/shock porn to make it grittier and darker? Sounds like a masterclass in writing all right.

Revenge stories are good an fine as long as there is a satisfying pay off at the end or at the least a defining moment at the end. This was just, oh wow maybe I shouldn't have done this. That is an idiotic take on Elle and makes you really kind of despise her for that, should've left her with Dina and the child on a high note, or a...

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Last of Us was really about being human, sacrifice, redemption, horror, and love.

Last of Us 2 tried to be all those things but failed miserably. Most of the "emotional" sequences were more or less shock/gore porn to get an emotion out of the player. Some of the dumbest and shittiest characters you're supposed to sympathize with yet end up not caring for them in the least.

Imagine going all the way for revenge only to suddenly drop it all af...

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If MS knows what's good for them, they need to drop 343 immediately, nothing good has come from them and nothing will. Let Halo rest until a competent developer has been found, hell, maybe find some of the OG developers from Bungie and form a new studio.

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I just know that if it looks that good, then it's highly unlikely that anything else about the game, story, characters, interesting world and world building just won't be as good or enjoyable. Hope I'm wrong though! XD

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