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These actors may not be as expensive as you think. It depends on their role, if they want to be in this game and of course if they are friends. Del Toro 40 million dollars? Never. He isn't even fully involved in Death Stranding. Just 3D Scan.

But like you I hope what he's doing. I'm just more an optimistic person.

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@Swiftfox: David Hayter wasn't fired. He wasn't asked to be part of MGS V.

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I don't see any unused enemies. Three pics for Norman Reedus' character, two for Lisa and two for the fetus.

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Although it's nice to see a Wipeout on PS4 don't forget it's not a new Wipeout but a remaster. You see that Studio Liverpool isn't there anymore, so Sony has to remaster old games instead of bringing a new Wipeout. Nevertheless it looks fun and it's great to have a Wipeout on PS4. Were there any information about VR support?

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DRIVECLUB sold well. At least 2 million until July 2015 and an unknown number digital. Don't forget DRIVECLUB Bikes and other DLC.

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Yes! :D
I love this game.

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I don't understand it. Beta was 900p on PS4 and 720p on Xbox One. Now it has this dynamic resolution with sometimes lower pixelcount than 900p/720p and it still has framerate drops? This doesn't make sense. I thought CPU would be the bottleneck.

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Since when this game is out on Xbox One? Didn't Jonathan Blow say it won't come to Xbox One due Microsoft?

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650 degree - it never fit better that this is a HOT News. ;)

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He obviously talks about things he doesn't have a clue of. 60fps, 1080p and MSAA? I don't know any game on WiiU which has this. There is even no game which has 60fps and 1080p. It's either 1080p with no AA and 30fps or 720p and 60fps without AA. Splatoon e.g. has 720p, 60fps and no AA. Some games even have Sub-HD to keep 60fps (Star Fox). This guy should check Digital Foundry...

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Simulation? You can easily do a 90 degrece turn on full throttle without a problem.

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It was stunning in E3 2015 Trailer. After the downgrade it's not on the level as inFamous: Second Son, The Division or GTA V.

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Troll article. What? "Five most disappointing games of 201?" or "Five worst games of 2016"? Typo?

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Witcher 3 doesn't deserve to be in the list. Average graphics.
Killzone has fantastic visuals and great gameplay but storywise it's ok but not great.

The Order: 1886 and Until Dawn deserve to be in the list. MGS V: TPP also could be in this list.

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Played it in February four month ago. It was 2002 (or 2004?) when I played it the last time. For the first time in 1999 and there were multiple playthroughs. Anyway, I played it this year and I was blown away again. Such a masterpiece and important for the complete series.

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Whenever Infinity Ward announces a new CoD I've to laugh. Definitely the laziest devs of all three CoD teams. But we know who is really blame for: Craptivision.

I'm glad that I never bought a new CoD after CoD Modern Warfare 2. I do not support this.

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Don't worry. We get a beta of GT: Sport in November 2016 for 60US$/€. Damn, so many bad news. Still disappointing sounds, physics (look at the collision behaviour of two cars) and GT6 graphics. What the hell they developed for nearly three years?

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Let's wait and see how long this missions will be. Maybe one hour and 1-2 missions 2 hours?

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