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You're an idiot parroting the NRA and irrational talking point gun owners love to spout when their out of real reasons.

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As a parent if you arent reading the god damn label of the game you're buying or know what the rating is or having a discussion with your child/children about the game or whatever their into then you're not much of damn parent and likely nothing is going to matter much less a video.

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If gun didnt kill people why the hell are they so important? Because guns kill people end of story. Just because the relationship between two things is needed to end in death doesnt mean one is exempt from fault. Jesus I wish gun freaks and supporters would find something better to say, honestly you people sound retarded when you say that nonsens, its like saying rain does make floods, water does.

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I have a feeling this will be a Ps5 launch title. I dont think the Jaguar can handle the "freaker" hordes they have shown. I was just saying the other day Days Gone had no release date yet and it was shown off almost 3 yrs ago. The 2019 release date along with the rumors of Ps5 dev kits makes some sense.

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So they can get another 60$ out of people.

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This guy gets it

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Ar15 are semi auto meaning they will still fire faster and have more ammo than your handgun. If its really about personal protection then a handgun is what you need, the only reason you would need a military issue style rifle is if you are planning to take something over or your afraid the big bad govenment is coming and even then they'd still get you hey have hellicopters, tanks, jets aircraft carriers etc etc.

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We banned alcohol once before it lead to more deaths and before probation the average whiskey consumption was 23 bottles for every one person today its 11 bottle per person so probation did help to an extent.

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Gaming eclipsed movies, books and music ages ago as the most influential and mass consumed media in history. Thus movie, books and music are now not so important. In the late 80's early 90's it was gangster rap was the problem for why young people were killing and murdering cops etc etc then it shifted to video games and its pretty much stayed that way for 30 plus years now. They act like gun violence wasnt a problem until now or something. Hell I remember when that group of kids kill...

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And ryzen 7 2700U

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You defendists keep bring up inflation. You then ignore the cost reductions that have happened in the logistics of delivering games and the increase in the gaming audience.

Then there is the miss information you just passed about the price of NES games in the 80's. NES games generally cost between 45-60$ in the 80's in the 90's the price settled around generally 50$ with some depending on the game were MSRP of 99$ like games with...

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I got a Ps4P and a 4k tv and Im very happy with both purchases. I agree with some on here partly if you havent purchased a Ps4 yet of any type may as well wait for Ps5 but id never say buy a Switch.

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Do both, stop all BS about equality and not actually do it. I personal will sometimes play as a female avatar if given a choice cause if I have to look at a backside for hours on end even a digital one may as well be female. If you're really promoting equality, and not just the latest tokenist fade, then you'd have the choice to play as either sex not one or the other. As long as the game is written with a female lead in mind then it should be fine what I find really really annoying i...

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Which none of are single player

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The pick up in player count has already disappeared again. The game just isnt what was promised, they over sold and under delivered. I dont think even a new iteration is going to change anything they pretty much in the same boat is D2.

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Making LOU2 and Ghost exclusive Ps5 titles would be idiotic they would be cross gen with true next gen coming a yr after.

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Because Ps4 is 5 almost 6yrs old and this gen will not be artificially long like last gen plus Sony's gens usually last 5-6yrs was because the global econo is pretty much humming along. The only reason last gen lasted as long as it did was the global recession. Im ready to hear about new tech and Im personally for next gen.

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They will release ps5 discontinue Ps4 base and cut the Ps4 pro price.

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Who the hell said the Ps4 came too soon? The ps3 was almost 9yrs old when ps4 released.

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