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Sony and Nintendo games never go to the bargain bin? Never Every? Not one game? That's a great achievement .

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Like that great poet Taylor swift said " Haters are goin' ,hate , hate..."

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However, how does this development impact the upcoming game releases? Microsoft has a well-defined roadmap of games in development. I find the manufactured outrage surrounding this issue to be inconsequential. Perhaps this is a tactic employed due to a lack of compelling game offerings on PS5.

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I like how the put "allergy " in the title. So, Sony had nothing this year and no one knows about next year.

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So, it's Microsoft's fault that Sony
or anyone else closes studios, lays off people, and canceled games. I couldn't figure it out until you explained it .


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What are all the 1st party games that Sony's releasing this year ?

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Your right. It seems like 5 of the games are multi platform and then others are for PC. I'll wait for the "Exclusives" to go on sale for PC once i work my way through my Gamepass backlog.

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True. Concord launches on PS5 and PC on same day.

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What game can use the extra power?

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Which 1st party AAA games are they missing? What game is set to release on the the next 3 months, 6 months, etc...
What will be the gap between the last 1st party game and the next?

I'll wait for your or anyone else's

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Grasping at straws to make a positive Playstation story. Too bad they can't talk about AAA first party games. Because "PS5 has NO GAMES!!!" Why can't people just be honest. HB2 looks amazing.

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It's funny that comments are mostly on the low reviews and not 8 and above reviews. I thought the first game was odd . Not, sure if I will give this one a try.

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"Port begging " really you guys are weird. Is that what was happening when Starfield came out? I never heard that term when people were "Port begging " for Starfield.

Sony had no first party releases till next year at the earliest. So, you won't have to worry about Port begging. I feel like I'm losing IQ points repeating that term. Smh

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I'm confused. Does that number mean total players at one time playing like a snapshot
or total sales? If it's the former that's not very accurate because I know I'm not the only person that buys games and plays them later and that number is not included.

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It is not enough if it was Sony's operating income wouldn't be down 26% and the company would not have lost $10 billion of value after they missed their sales target .

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Square finally realized what Sony figured out recently, their installed base is not enough. We are going to see a lot less exclusives from everyone moving forward.

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I don't understand why people keep using console sales as a sign of success. Sony lost over $10 billion in value, operating income was down 26%, layoff, etc... Please explain how well financially Sony is doing compared to Microsoft. What was a smarter buy Bungie or Activision?

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I totally agree with you. I had to read the whole article to make sure I wasn't missing something. All this for a skimpy outfit.
Call it censorship or not, they are complaining about something that doesn't affect gameplay. I don't buy or play games just to ogle my character. Weird.

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Some guys can really be weird. They will get a refund on a game because they can't have a skimpy outfit on thei character in a game.?

The game must not be very good if the outfit is the deal breaker for the game. And before tou get on your high horse about freedom. Things change for many reasons in the final product.


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It looks like made a great purchase. Much better then Sony buying Bungie. 😉

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