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Deadlock? Sounds suspiciously similar to Dr. Disrespect's game in development, Deadrop. Although gameplay seems to be completely different, so likely just a coincidence in the name. Although depending on when his game releases and this one releases, it could confuse the market with such similar sounding names. Especially as both are competitive online shooters.

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Hopefully Sony uses this as an opportunity to get rid of the woke infestation that plagues their best studios (especially Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Guerilla -- which have been getting progressively more woke).

Sadly they will probably just get rid of good people and keep all of the woke and DEI paperweight hires. But fingers crossed Sony sees the writing on the wall and cleans house before it is too late. Otherwise they are done for.

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I remember back in 2019, before the game released, I would see quite a bit of people on N4G hyping the game up. Talking about the giant hordes and how unique and dynamic they were. While I hoped the game had success, I just wasn't interested because I didn't bother with zombie games. Fast forward to about a week or so before release when reviewers/influencers were allowed to stream a beginning part of the game for an hour or two. I decided to watch one of them just to see what the hyp...

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Surprise, surprise. A hit-piece article on this studio shortly after they came out and said Gamepass would not be a viable option for their game. What a coincidence!

Are you paying attention yet?

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The ending seemed to hint at DLC to wrap everything up rather than a whole new game. Which, TBH, would be Ok with me. I love the Horizon games, but for me Zero Dawn had more of that mysterious and fun story/lore that really kept me playing to find out more. Whereas with Forbidden West I found myself not too interested in the lore (holo messages etc) since the story of the old ones was no longer mysterious (or even relevant). It just felt like pointless filler.

Story/lore -...

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Isn't Starfield a top-down game?

I certainly wouldn't call it Skyrim in space since it's not a FPS.

Top-down = mobile game. No thanks. Xbox can have this one 🤣

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Hey developers, how about a 1080p (or maybe 1440p) 60fps ray-tracing quality mode?

I'm seriously getting tired of this laser-like focus on 4k, as it is such an incredible waste of hardware resources for very little gain in PQ. And it's only a matter of time before devs are primarily focused on 8k and we are limited to PS2 style graphics because of it. 30fps needs to go away. I had no problem with 30fps last gen, but now that I have experienced 60fps with the PS5, t...

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Basically they can virtue signal their support for Ukraine while saving their bottom dollar.

But on the flip side, why not buy the dip? I seriously doubt the Russian currency is going to remain this low forever, so why not get more of that currency while it's low for future profits?

Although maybe that is the end plan for these corporations. Wait until the war is over and Russia's currency is at its lowest, then re-open up for business at the v...

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II wonder if this is the dev DrDisRespect was able to hire for his new development studio, Midnight Society. He said a while back that a developer from 343 that worked on Infinite was going to be joining his team, but I can't remember if he said specifically who.

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This is huge. Definitely a well played 4D chess move by Sony.

Whether you like Destiny or not, objectively Bungie is the best FPS developer in the industry (by far). And if they were to come out with a BR (based on Destiny or a new IP) it would absolutely dominate the market from Warzone/Fortnite/Apex.

With all these crazy acquisitions going on, I wonder what's next? I get the feeling Nintendo is going to buy Epic. Because let's face it, Fortnit...

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Another major step towards gaming being completely centralized under a single authority. This is a huge win for the globalists and a major loss for gamers.

In the end who is going to own it all? Microsoft, Amazon or Google?

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At this point, standard arena shooters (like Halo Infinite) are incredibly boring and dull. COD at least added leveling and light RPG elements to keep people engaged and working towards a goal. And since weapon/player leveling is also beneficial in Warzone, it is still practical to play the standard multiplayer from time to time. But without a BR, even COD's arena shooting gets really repetitive and becomes pointless.

Arena shooters need to go away and BR's need to...

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What are the sales of PSVR? Maybe around 6 million? Yet despite such a low number for over 100 million PS4's sold, Sony is developing and releasing PSVR2. Whether Days Gone sold 9 million copies or not, it did objectively well for a new IP. By all means it should have gotten a sequel. But it seems internal politics, media bias and bad blood between Sony and Bend Studio got Days Gone tossed in the scrap pile. Which is total BS since the game was really well made and is easily one of the be...

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The exact same thing could be said for Halo Infinite. Yet it managed to get insanely high praise despite having the same boring arena shooter mechanics we've had for several decades and a bland uninspired open world single player story.

I'm just as disappointed with CP 2077 as anybody else, but there is one heck of a double standard in this industry that needs to be fixed.

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China is in this to win folks. All the moves they are making are strengthening their nation (whether we agree with it or not) while the west continues to deteriorate with woke culture. China is encouraging (probably forcing) young boys to be masculine and strong, while we encourage our boys to become women. China is prepping their young men in the military at a young age to harden and train them, while we have woke generals who's biggest concern is transgender diversity, pronouns and lowi...

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Eh, at this point I am pretty much numb to all the virtue signaling. I saw the character, knew why she was put in the game, and moved on. Plus it really makes no difference at all, this game series has a lot of things going on which make zero sense.

Now if they replaced Kratos son with this girl and said that he had a transition? Yeah, that would be something to complain about because it would fundamentally change the character.

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The only question that needs to be asked: How does having an easy mode affect your normal/hard playthrough?

I'll give you a hint, it doesn't. So why do you care so much?

I think the real issue here is egotistical gamers. Hate to break it to you guys, but beating a game isn't some kind of grand accomplishment that moves you up in life. You gain nothing by doing it, and nobody cares that you did.

The only argument against an e...

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Man, CRAP (critical race applied principle) sure has hit the fan.

How about we diversify based on the content of a persons character rather than their gender or color of their skin?

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Yeah, a 0ms TTK for snipers just isn't fast enough.


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Because the PlayStation platform is the top seller (especially when compared to Xbox). And third-party devs/publishers, who are most likely to use UE5, will see most of their sales on PlayStation. Makes sense when you look at it from a business perspective.

Why would you (in this case, Epic) advertise your product using the console brand that generated the least amount of sales for your customers games? Epic is giving their customers (third-party devs/publishers) what they...

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