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Give them an inch they take a mile... Careful justifying it with at least lol.

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Where is the freedom of speech? Anyone center to right has to hide it or get kicked out of the industry. It's beyond one sided, no freedom allowed.

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The load time on ModNation where also excruciatingly long... But man oh man I wish that game took off more, so much fun! Could turn off garbage rubber banding, I had karts with 100's of stickers to design some crazy cool stuff, custom tracks. Fantastic undeappreciated game

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Oh my jeez, don't need to take the time to teach the team anything lmao, I think it's hilarious the guy said it's a skill issue.. Don't apologize either... Let the dev speak his mind and opinion as well.

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Taking things from other games happens literally in every single game. Ark had/has HORRIBLE buggy ass game play. The objective is to enjoy the game lmao, but guess you need to be told what to do.

Also Pokemon has been an overrated stale mess for over a decade, I am glad everyone else is picking up the slack. Character design is phenomenal in Palworld, Persona does more then Pokemon, Temtem makes pokemon games look like a joke, Dragon Quest just did its thing and Ni No Kuni...

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Seen Gravity Rush in the title and was stoked.... Then seen that abomination... Seriously, What is the HELL?

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Drawn to Death, yeh, played it at the Playstation experience, it was quite fun, an old school arena shooter. Then it came out, and everyone died quicker, so strafe battles gone. It essentially turned into die, insta spawn, use ult, get a kill, they insta spawn, ult you, you die, and just repeat that loop lmao, its was terrible.

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The god of care bears you mean? The GoW world goes from a brutal, the strong survive world, to a OMG the ENTIRE realm loves each other, lets all sing songs and hold hands and dance in circles. Its a fairy tale land by the end of the games, its not Kratos and not God of War. Cant have a man's man now days, no no no.

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Just more "for your good", that turns into more power and control over you... Dont tell me how to enjoy my game... This is all fine and dandy until it becomes a mandatory system you cannot turn off.

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That was ages ago lmao, entirely different company and gaming industry. If you have a conservative or central thought in your body they dont want you near a studio now days. Look at where SSM was in the first God of War to the new God of the Care Bears, its night and day. So referencing how the studio was back then is irrelevant.

Errr unless I guess you talk controls, because GTA III controls like absolute garbage and that is still relevant with Rockstar this day and age.

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I personally think Mario Kart is way over rated, so why not bring some more. I really wish ModNation would make a comeback, that game was awesome, other then load times. Wouuld do amazing in this content creation era too.

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All the launchers are annoying. But competition is always a good thing, plus free games every week.

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Dang, so many dislikes lol, willing to elaborate, just didnt want to throw out a bunch of spoilers. If anyone wants to discuss as to why, im always open to discussions. Just shoot me a DM.

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God of War did the same, just in a more subtle sly way.... They could of probably made a few cuts and bam, PG rated movie right there. God of Rainbows and Daisies.

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Does it really say because it compromises YOUR gaming experience in the error? They going to come set up my house for me too? Hook me up with every possible thing to make my gaming experience absolutely the best? Make my food before hand so my body is at peak optimal gaming levels?... just more monopolies telling everyone what to do, its never enough power and control..

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Mmmm, it isnt exclusive to gaming... reliable information, bipartisan, facts, or even simple logic are basically frowned upon in all "journalism"... It is more, lets shove something down your throat that fits the narrative we want and call it journalism.

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The problem with Dreams was the barrier to entry... had it been on PC, like I said with LBP so long ago, it would of soared like crazy.

My biggest complaint was the lack of support to create with friends. To my knowledge you still cannot not even create together, let alone play a game together online. How do you not support that on launch... which also leads into the barrier of entry, none of my friends even knew what the heck it was, and it was so hard to show them or get...

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Straight white male, gotta go!

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Dont trust ND with anything...

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