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Was interested in reading the article... Then realized why I stopped clicking on gaming journalists when they go all political mode and how awful people are for having a different viewpoint then them...

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I just want MP, like seriously one of the best, want it to be reinvigorated

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Who plays an RTS with a controller? Ewww thats just plain wrong

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Would that group be the ones screaming racism as they literally make everything on the planet racial? Hard to get rid of racism when all they want to do is base things on race lmao, the irony.

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Multiplayer and multiplayer creation... Had several people that didnt get the game because of that sole reason.. really a shame...

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Dang I was thinking a whole different thing from yall, was thinking more of a PAX like event or something. Went to the Playstation Experience in Vegas and it was such a blast. David Jaffe signed my PS Vita, got to interact directly with developers and provide feedback on their games (miss Killstrain), and got to chit chat with Scott Rohde like just hanging out after an event, and tons of small cool panels and other Playstation fans. Thats what I was thinking when i seen Playstation Experience...

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Dude they have 40,000 seat stadiums filled in baseball and there hasnt been this terrible rampant instance going on... I think we are alright...

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Why would you want to play an rts game on a console? 🤨 Then it's dumbed down to appease console controls... gross... no!

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Whaaaaaa! Omg, I hope this revitalizes the multiplayer! Classic Mode is so hard to find a match... though if this is true, they will probably ditch the mp, like the Nathan Drake collection = (

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I just want first person boxing like Fight Night Round 3 on the ps3 had, was so much fun, me and my buddies ruined so many controller joysticks playing that first person mode.

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Whaaa i hope its a freaking Mistborn game! That would be amazing. Or a completely original one, I dont even care, love his books!

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Yes, and this article is this years most important video game article! Please give me more of this great content!.......

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I havent listened to Sacred Symbols in a bit, and it is solely because his co-host...

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There is a campaign in battlefront 2? hmm

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I believe the pvp crash would be Crash Bash... at least I would hope lol, because that game kicks mario party's ass!

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The problem is, MS does this every single console cycle! Buy a bunch of studios/exclusives, do some other stuff right, then abandon game development all together and here ya go, Gears, Halo, and Forza for the rest of the gen and nothing else... oh yah we also ruined a few legendary studios we bought and canned too...

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Yes please! Probably my favorite RTS of all time

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We do have a new Age of Empires coming! (Even though its not by Ensemble because MS killed them..)

I would be so excited if an RTS just blew up though! At least SC2 just pinned a 3 year contract, so its safe for a while for me to keep watching almost everyday lol

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Well regardless the second game will mess up the ending of the 1st game, because rather then being able to interpret the ending in different ways like so many did, its going to tell you instead (i mean Neil kinda already did that too). I never wanted a second one, literally the next week after beating the 1st. I wanted ND to keep moving from game to game, and throw that logo on it and get sales. I didnt want more Kratos and GoW either... but ill be damned if i didnt freaking love God of War a...

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