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The 360 is not finished yet. Give it till the end of the year or early 2009 and the 360 is going to be the joke of console industry after MS has given away all the games that make people want to buy a 360 and their online service is run into the ground by charging for online play and ridiculous prices for games, gamerpics and themes.

You can already see all the things lining up for failure it's only a matter of time now.

Agree though.. this news is very much &qu...

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What's pathetic is a multiple account making liar who tells everyone he is a game tester when he really is a Tidus/Nasim/Shmee.

Please remove this users bubbles so we don't have to listen to his garbage anymore. If it's not pro-Sony you are not happy. It is a well written article and there is nothing fanboy about it. FR said the things they did and Halo owned their ass.

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Come on Nasim!

Will you stop it with your lying already.

People are sick of you!

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This game stinks so bad there is no way it deserves at 8/10.


@below: Good for you. Then ignore me and move along. The game sucks and you don't need to read it from just me to see this. I find it laughable that someone with zero credibility questions my credibility(you joined 2 hours ago.. LAUGHABLE!)

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Screw you MS!

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Tell me about it.

The 360 is looking like a steamy pile of dogsh!t this week and you can see that MS is backing off if not moving to drop support for the system.

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Never going to happen.

It will be rubbed in 360 owners faces for the next 9 months.

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I will admit I was wrong since Ken Levine denied it over and over.

I am done listening to dev's, blogs, and anything coming from these companies because it's obviously all a big toss off.

MS should of locked this one down but they didn't and they continue their fvcked up business.

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Congratulations to the submitter of this article who pulled this title out of their arse and completely sku'd the meaning of this article.

This article is NOT proclaiming that Xbox Gamers are hardcore they are simply looking at the various types of xbox gamers and this article is looking at the hardcore group.

You would be a fanboy or an idiot to believe that the 360 is only a hardcore system. It has proven itself and anyone with eyes can look at the 360 catalog...

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Yeah, it's not like it was a hugely popular, innovative title.. oh wait.

It's not like it won GOTY or anything.. oh wait

It's not like other games haven't copied features from it.. oh wait.

Even Sony and the Naught Dog dev's made comments like "it has a cover system like Gears of War" how many games have said that?

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Fill in the blank..

"Hi my name is ________ and I am an insecure PS3 owner."

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and you just can't stop reading and commenting on it can you?

He must be appealing to you in some way..

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"HI My name is Ace Ventura and I am an insecure Sony owner"

You should start every post with that. Stop beating your chest in 360 articles and trying to claim supremecy because it only shows how insecure you are.

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Are you new? You do know this is MGS's Gamer Days don't you?

He is expected to speak and if you ask me all of MS has been too quiet. Last week you had Kaz and Sony spouting all kinds of stuff as well.

If you don't like it don't read it and surely don't make a comment.

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Did you watch the video? He seemed very low-key and humble.

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Comment #1 should be reported.


"Microsoft gaming devision really lack class dont they"

Yeah, maybe they should start advertising naked dudes with a thumb for a penis, that just screams Sony Class doesn't it.

Give me a break! Ask Nintendo how they feel about Sony entering the console market back in the day.

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PS3 fanboys will take any sliver of hope on anything and turn it into fact and huge expectations.

" mean BIoshock, Mass Effect, GeoW and Halo.. Were suppose to be Heavy Exclusive hitters for 360.. Now that 2 of them are Ps3.."

What 2 are you dreaming about? Because none of those games are going to the PS3. MS has enough invested in those franchises that you will not see any on the PS3 and the dev's have all stated this. Why people don't listen is bey...

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and then you woke up.

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"The 360 has gears 2. Thats it."

I was going to ask you the same question. What are you on?

Either way, EGM have been wrong many times and the dev's have stated they have no secret PS3 development going on.

Only time will tell. Hopefully MS locked it up because it is a good game to have exclusive in your console library.

@Below: LOL at the year of the PS3, we are half way thru it and if anything it is the year of the Wii...

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If at first you don't succeed try and try again.

MS keeps on trying to court those Japanese gamers.

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