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What people choose to ignore is the fact that Bioware IS EA. Go back and read the stories of them fully supporting those MTs they shoved in Mass Effect 3 and that forced online .

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Everyone with this opinion lives in the middle of a city with got tier internet speed and connection. The majority of us in the suburbs or country laugh at things like this.

Most gamers don't took forward to being at the mercy of your internet provider or if shit like Net neutrality takes off.

Also, Pitch Meeting is the only reason screenrant is a thing....

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This is what gaming has been missing! We gotta get out of the 3 genre swamp we've been trapped in for 5 years ...

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Original BL was gritty with the same sense of humor as 2, but 2 had that cartoony feel along with the changes to weapons that I did not like. Hopefully 3 is more BL1 than BL2

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I really hate these types of articles. How about focus on games and franchise forgotten versus recycled fps #8 and long tired grunty 3ps #6. Put out quality titles with balance, meaning solid single player games and multiplayer games.. and not this games as a service nonsense.

Do those things, and you will have a product to be proud of. That should be the goal. Because beating Sony wont happen. Even Sony's worst selling console and most expensive console outsold the be...

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Breath of the Wild is one of the most overrated games of any generation.

Yes the physics are cool. That's it!

Empty environments
Repetative enemies
Dumb enemies
No dungeons
Nearly all.shrines are identical

If any other game had at least 3 of these flaws it would have a 70 meta score but Nintendo games get a pass. I mean, people said Skyward Sword was goty wothy ...

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Spiderman Paris by far the beat spiderman to date while Origins was a blatant cash grab that told a pointless story and the combat was sloppy. Another Joker story. Mind you, batman is my favorite comic character but damn was I annoyed playing that game.

Now Arkham night should replace any game on this list as that game was not as good as origins!

Back to spiderman... it is, like Batman of Arkham Asylum /city, the best depiction of spiderman to date with ...

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I bet there's not a person reading this that purchased the OG X360 launch model that didn't need a replacement 2 or 3 years after launch. The numbers are way inflated for the 360 and it didnt translate to the x1.

Of I were to guess the market share is what it always is for xbox. 35 to 40 million with the 360 being the anomaly. With this generations numerous failures for exclusives and a pointless upgrade in the x1x it's obvious xbox stands no chance against th...

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The list makes me want to attack the author but instead I will say I strongly disagree.

1.Devil May cry
2. DMC 3
3.DMC 4
5. DMC 2

DMC reboot and 3 are not awful games. They are just not very good and being devil may cry. I know there's a growing audience for DMC reboot but broken down for what it is, it's a poor knockoff of DMC 4's combat and terrible dialogue. When Dante has that back and for...

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There's a ton of "if" in there. Based on his history, he has lied his way into the hearts of xbox hopefuls. Remember this guy is Mr Crackdown, Sea of Thieves, and every disappointment launched on the xbox one, which has been a failure since launch and after he took over.

Judge the man on his body of work and not his empty well of promises.

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I thought this rich boy BS died last gen. Only a handful of PC gamers have rigs capable of running games at max setting. Remove consoles and you have the same argument for PC gamers with older rigs.

"Are PC gamers with last years model holding back gaming?"

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Agreed. Back in the PS2 era you had small devs pumping out quality titles. I'm sure someone will chime in about graphics but its relative to that era. Devs were creative back then and now these games are pumped out with a goal of being mediocre

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I am all set here. No strings attached gaming is all I'm interested in.

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Once you get to a certain point in the game you will say "holy crap, this IS GoW!!"
I would be shocked if everyone didnt feel like this early on. For me, I spent maybe 20 hours or so toiling around without advancing the story I'm not sure that is the way to go. Push through the story and you have that "ohhhh " moment.

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That would be gamecube dude

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I would prefer Tomb Raider go back to it's original style. I played the latest TR and thought, I've played this game already and it's called Uncharted.

The classic TR franchise should have been updated. Don't copy the genre leader. Try and beat them!

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Ms tried. Huge backlash. All of the good will from protecting single player games will be lost.

Dear Bethesda. I have CD Project Red. I dont need you and your buggy af games.

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Its interesting the author calls it the beat game of 2017 yet piles on about its numerous flaws that nearly everyone that plays the game glosses over.

Take thecharacters, for example. Never once did I feel like I needed to know more about anyone in the game, yet almost each new npc tou met in horizon had a story to tell and with the facial animations and brilliant voice acting, it made it far more enjoyable that the random grunts and noises of BotW.

The c...

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You forget the crash of gaming with the million copies of those games you mentioned sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Gaming had a resurgence under the NES with sp games like SMB and The Legend of Zelda.

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That troll

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