"Going loud and proud."
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Game looks awesome and it seems like they're doing their best to capture what made the older games great. I do really hope it'll succeed cause I'd hate to see such a series go to the graveyard...

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I'm sorry, but have you seen some of the "world's strongest man" competitions? They aren't rock chiseled mountains of muscle. They hefty boys with a lot of muscle and build thicc.

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They're two different kind of games though...

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The real joke is your obvious complete lack of understanding of what Atheism is.

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I feel like that this game is targeting such a niche audience, that I'm surprised it doesn't get more low reviews. It's a good palate cleanser after a serious game or a hard day, but you still need a certain kind of mindset to enjoy what it offers. <3

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Open world games are fine. It's open world games with nothing to do with them that's utterly boring. That or they're just packed with a collect-a-thon of meaningless collectibles...

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Actually, it wasn't. According to what info I've managed to gather, the name itself has something to do with a development tool they either use or have used in the past.

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Now bring us Champions of Norrath...

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I remember asking them about this on their Twitter and they said they had no plans! Glad they changed their mind, highly underrated game IMHO.

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Pretty sure it'll be Darth Vader and Mr. Jones will be a lvl 50 skin.

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I bought the expansion and STILL haven't played through it... Need to get on that haha...

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Delay as long as necessary. I'm tired of games launching in half-baked states.

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Guys, it won't happen again if we don't kill Chaos!

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Just more proof of Ubisoft Fatigue taking effect.

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The reviews are honestly where I'd like. 7/10s to 9/10s. :)

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Still got that eurojank, love it.

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This game is a project of love of fifteen developers. Do give it a chance, do a search on videos on Youtube and I think you'll find a lot to love about this rather overlooked masterpiece. <3

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A Ps5 is something I will get, but right now I have a backlog that's x10 my possible lifespan between my Switch, Xbox and PC alone. <3

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If I'm Jealous of Ps5 owners, it's because they get this game. Loved Insect Armageddon.

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I mean, it is? I think they explained it very well. ._.

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