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Always the same people commenting the same things in Kinect news...yawn...

@the maxx:

I still remember all the BS you wrote to me in your PM. That particular PM has disappeared from my messages so you must've deleted it right? This is how it works right?

You are the last person to talk in a civil manner since you only do it when it suits your agenda.

Pathetic really.

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3612d ago

My cousin just bought himself a Samsung 42 inch fullhd 3d tv.

I'm just about to graduate from my school and I'm getting myself a job so I will be getting a 3d tv too. Can't wait. Don't care about anything or anyone else. It's all about the immersion. The jealous people always downplay things on empty basis.

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Great post minsky. bubs up for interesting.

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Excellent comment! Agreed 100%. Bubs up.

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Sony want's to progress the industry at the same time while making a buck out of it in the long run.

Look at CELL, BD, Move (advanced accuracy=hc-potential). They did the same with PS2 in DVD.

These companies are NOT the same even though they all want to make money. The other quick bucks it's customers to death and the other thinks 10 years ahead and endures all the sh*tstorms it brings. Biiiiig difference.

Only one of those approache...

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3614d ago

Can't wait to get this game.

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Round 2?

I'm outta bubbles so someone will need to cover for me.

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This video is facepalm material.

@crazyclown below

Gym is not enjoyable? Oh wow what are you. Gym is drug. 3 times a week and then you ache the rest of the week and heal up. Then right back to gym.

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The silence can also mean there are no games right? Or did you already forget about 2009?

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Move does have RE5 and MAG under it's belt you know.

Yes everything you hear is a "classic" and "predictable". You say anything to try and deflect the issue of Kinect being solely for casuals. If you are casual fine play it and love it but you are making a mistake by trying to belittle the opinions of hc-gamers about Kinect. It is what it is and nothing you say will change it. Kinect is for casuals. Period.

Could you tell me since ...

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He won't watch it. He pre-ordered 2 of these things so be nice and DON'T burst his bubble.

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The x360 demographic is so full of parents.....smh....

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Don't bother gaminggamer. Just don't. 500 million will brake your sanity.

Evildead360 rejoicing Kinect and you were one of those people who laughed at PS3 for not having any games a few years back I could swear. Have you turned into casual or are you just enjoying the success of MS? HC-gamer you are not.

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"Kinect is being reviewed in the perspective of the family gamer"

This is a problem. Most people on this website are NOT familygamers. Most are hc-gamers. Now these very same hc-gamers who were laughing at PS3 for not having "teh games" a few years ago (when the MS eggheads said so) are making a 180 turn and rejoicing when MS abandons them. See the only option is it either change 180 degrees or hate on Kinect/MS for doing this. They CHOOSE to love Kinect...

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True. Sadly the device brings NOTHING to us gamers on this site though. Show me one video of it working properly and after that show me something to get excited about that is coming to Kinect.

I'm SURE the x360 fanboys will say all this negativity towards Kinect comes from insecurity but...wth...I don't care nor do I want to keep saying the same OBVIOUS things over and over. I simply don't care what they think. Let them hang on to their dream for a little while lo...

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That's 43552 consoles closing the gap between x360 and ps3 in 2 weeks. Japan is not relevant right...?

I wonder will there be a pricedrop on the Wii soon. Better yet will it help Wii to get above the PS3?

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But there is no correcting these guys. You get disagreed to hell for stating the obvious since people on this website WANTS to be blind. They have the power too so no wonder all the ps3-supporters get debubbled around here.

It was fun up until Halo Reach launched. After that it's been blind pro x360 all day long. Day in day out. You know...the Halo effect as I like to call it.

All you x360 supporters out there who are reading: Enjoy your Kinect! You didn&...

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Dance central and dance masters? WOW the tides have really turned from "haha the PS3 has no games" and "it's all about the games" into dancing?

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