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Agreed, but the main "problem" is that a lot of developers are leaving traditional console/handheld development for Mobile Development precisely because it's cheaper.

And for consoles/handheld, that's a real issue.

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But consumers doesn't know that.

All you have to do is see Apple sales (its the same analogy).

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I really want to buy a 3DS (specially the XL, I think the 3DS screen is way to small), but argh... That circle pad is just pathetic. Bad design choices at its best.

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Yeah, I know that too... But it has happened before, a X game published by X publisher and later on published on other platform by another publisher.

Anyway, for me it is a win / win situation for everybody right now: For Nintendo which now has another great game and for Platinum Games and Bayonetta that are now allowed to have another game.

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Good for them! I gave 25 USD. :)

Kickstarter surely is changing things for the best for developers all around the world.

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I have to agree on this one... I'm not a big Nintendo fan these days because of the Wii, however I'm very inclined to buy the Wii U now. Even if Bayonetta 2 is a time exclusive (which I think it is), it now has a very impressive line-up for his first semester, a lot more impressive than the PS3 and Xbox 360 actually.

Anyway, I'll probably buy the Wii u, PS4 and X720 anyways... Fanboy allegiance sucks, people need to enjoy everything they can, even if the Wii sucks...

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I want Suikoden 2 so badly.
Can't find a physical copy that i can afford.

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No, I'm a trophy whore and I'm going to play the shit out of it.


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Actually... Ragnarok Odyssey is not a "new" IP, its based on Ragnarok Online MMO.

I don't think that only triple A will "save" the Vita, I really think it has some really great games even before the gamescon, give it time, i'm sure it will catch up on sales (at least I hope so).

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US release: no, just digital copy.

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Nice. I'm already using the 150mb and I was wishing for that.

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I strongly disagree with that list.

Dragon Age is flawed, technically yes, but it's an amazing experience and one of the best RPG i've played this generation.

Dead Space sure is milked now, but when it was released it was freaking amazing and done something new at the tps genre.

God of War 3, oh well.. I'm not going to comment on that. I don't even have to.

There are so many overrated games out there that coul...

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I'm a western game designer and i found this amusing.

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Got mine by e-mail today. Freaking awesome.

But i've found Radec a little bit too overpower at the beta tough.

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Skyward Sword has one of the best dungeons design ever.

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I'm actually from Brazil and i love him.

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I want KB as a playable character, not a boss. lol

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PS Vita.

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He's a good director and WRITTER, not a game designer.

There's a REALLY BIG difference in game designing and... writting stories.

Btw... The game design of his games were made by others of his team, not by him (at least in Heavy Rain).

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No Suikoden 2, fail list. |:

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