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Not only Sony, there are multiple funders in addition to kickstarter pledges. The more money for this game the better!

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Rise of the Tomb Raider needs to worry more about releasing on the same day as Fallout 4 rather than if it can ever be talking about in the same breath as FF7.

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The one that made grown men and women cry. Sony.

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Well, there it is. A reason to nitpick this game.

40 second load times. 5/10 - IGN

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The fighting game community don't have any platform bias. The only reason 360 is played by SF4 and MvC3 players is because 1-2 frame drops on the ps3 version. Some of whom are moving to PC for USF4 over 360. With this deal PS4 will be the console of choice for the fighting game community.

PS4's fighting game draw is pretty good already with Guilty Gear Xrd and The Ultimate Edition of Injustice. Already announced for the future there's USF4, SFV, Tekken 7, MK X, Sk...

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"Good news -- we’re releasing 12 Jimi Hendrix songs as DLC in December. If you buy the PS4 or Xbox One editions of the game, you’ll be able to download all that content for free until January 31. Here’s more information about all of that.

Q: Which Jimi Hendrix songs are being released?
A: The 12 legendary Jimi Hendrix songs coming to Rocksmith 2014 are:

· Bold As Love
· Castles Made Of Sand
· Fire
· Foxey...

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There are monster in Infamous too.

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Ordered the Destiny ps4 bundle but I already bought a 2tb HDD to throw in there when it arrives.

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Dempsey... thatsapenis.gif

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Never got to finish it due to a game breaking bug near the end of the game but the 80-90% I played of it, I loved and even consider one of my favorite games of all time. This game was the reason that made me preorder the Destiny ps4 bundle.

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PS owners did get Oni.

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Given that the biggest system seller at launch was Call of Duty for both consoles, Destiny will definitely be the biggest system seller (for both consoles) this fall.

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I just preordered the Destiny bundle solely because of the Grim Fandango announcement. I never actually got to finish the game because my computer kept crashing at a certain point in the last chapter so they sent me over the edge. Was planning on waiting another year but I bite the bullet...

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X1 + kinect + titanfall/forza =$450
X1 + game - kinect = $460


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April NPR probably forced their hand. I can imagine some unhappy investors after those numbers so it seems like a quick reaction to cool the damage.

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The numbers must have come in and they probably got stomped in April. This seems like an E3 announcement that got pushed up to combat poor sales for investors. Good for gamers but MS is going to be taking a huge hit in costs per consoles produced and trying to get rid of Xone + kinect bundles that are sitting in storage.

Also, if I were an early adopter, I would not be happy about this. The console isn't even out a year!

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Why does this question need to be asked when the answer is so obvious?

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Super Meat Boy is actually a boy without skin, not a boy made out of meat... you and PETA.. goddammit...

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@abzdine PS4 has the only current gen MLB game as well. I think it may push some ps4 sales this month.

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Old news, this dude left months ago.

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