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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Death of Satoru Iwata

2. Best New Studio
Moon Studios

3. Best New IP

4. Best New Video Game Character
Max Caulfield (Life Is Strange)

5. Best Single Player Experience
The witcher 3

6. Best Multiplayer Experience (Co-op counts!)
Rocket League

7. Best Story
The Witcher 3

8. Best ...

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Forgot about recore too.

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Has anyone gotten their gift card yet? Just making sure.

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Bought mine online like 2 days ago for 40$ On the Microsoft store! Can't freaking wait to play it!

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QUANTUM BREAK! Time traveling? Hell yah! Guns? Hell yah! Slow-mo? Hell yah! Explosions? Hell yah! Plus a freaking show mixed in with it! And little finger from game of thrones is in it! It's like Alan wake but 100x better! Can't wait

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Was going to buy this like 2 days ago for 60$ at GameStop! Thank god I waited :) Game is going to be amazing

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Omg I just noticed 4 days after that I won!!!! Wow omfg I seriously can't believe this. I hope I haven't lost the gift card for not replying in a long time :( anyways I'm grateful

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Micro transactions are only bad when they are forced upon the player with no chance of earning it in game for free. This is why the halo 5 micro transactions are great. 1st everything can be earned in game without paying a dime. 2nd all money gained from micro transactions is not going into the developers pockets but the players such as the Halo 5 championship. This is a win win for everyone

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All I want is a second Xbox one controller so me and my brother can finally play games together, and also an external hard drive because my xbox storage has been at 99.8% full for about 5 months now :( can't even get the games with gold cause I don't have enough space. With the 100$ I would buy a 60$ Xbox controller, and then I could find a 40$ 1 TB hard drive on sale! Would be amazing

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That kill...

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Personally I love this concept. Just needs a few more changes and it would be perfect!

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Go on Twitter and tweet @XboxSupport and they will help you to the best of their ability.

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All reviews have already come out and the consensus is that it is one of the best action adventure game they've played and improves upon the first one which makes it a must buy! Getting my copy later tonight :)

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I haven't had any issues with it so far, I guess I'm lucky :D.

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@william I also agree, I use Kinect for everything! I could turn down the volume without even reaching for a controller, I can turn on my tv, console, and cable with 2 words. I can pretty much do everything. My favorite though is using it to say Xbox Play and Xbox Pause. When I'm in the mood of watching a movie, just say "Xbox go to HBOGo" then I select the movie with my voice and say Xbox play. All so relieving that I can do it without my hands because I usually have pizza that...

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I'm in the preview program, and they seem to both work at the same time. "Xbox" commands are for Xbox navigating and system stuff. "Hey Cortana" is for web searches, weather, alarms, and more of the social Windows 10 ecosystem. I've tried it, and while it's still very basic, with small commands like "what's the weather", and like "tell me a joke", I really enjoy it. Could see it becoming very useful in the future when the more complicate...

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This happened to me, and after 3 reboots it's finally worked :D the NXOE is so much faster! But one thing I wasn't expecting was how big everything was 😂 Also avatars are back!! You can customize your avatar and all, still no store yet tho. Speaking of stores, the new store is also pretty amazing. Way better than the old one. It has a nice and sleek design to it. Enjoying it very much! Can't wait for everyone to test it out, and all the updates moving forward!

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Phil spencer said its not coming out, well this year atleast.

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I haven't beat the story of any GTA game :/ every time I try playing I get distracted by how much fun it is to just cause havoc, so I end up killing people and running them over for about an hour then get off. Probably the farthest I got to was about 30% done in GTA4

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I've been in the Fable legends beta for about 2-3 months now. It's been slowly improving every time. Very fun imo.

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