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Its because how much of and influence Gears 1 was on gaming. It revolutionized the the 3rd person shooter. Most people knew this already.

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Symphonia was my first big Jrpg and first game I ever bought as a kid with my own money. I loved that game and had 120+ hours of play time saved on my GameCube memory card. So I disagree but I've never played Abyss so I can't compare the two.

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Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Most people who say they are fans are done with these games in 20hrs or less. These games are made to be played like 60hrs or more. I can't think of any games people pretend to like more than those. Slap in pretty much any popular rpg as the runnier up to these. Then I'd add COD because only like 5% of the player base really likes it the rest of us play it because it's one of the easiest games to jump into and pass some time with.


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Honestly sounds like a very smart launch line up. You're probably right but it may be to good to be true lol.

I wonder what launch goodies PS5 will have? I think their announced games so far are for current gen tho. Anybody wanna take a crack at a possible PS5 launch line up?

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It won't bother me if it's good and MTX is just cosmetics. Also I want to unlock worthwhile cosmetics from in-game accomplishments as well.

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Link to me anything where it blatantly says Sony owns the I.P. I mean I don't know the dealings but I do know how this sorta thing works most of the time.

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Just because you pay a studio to put a new I.p. on your console doesn't mean you own it. If you publish it which Sony did thats cool they wanted it exclusively on ps4. An example is Gears of War Microsoft published the game but didn't buy the rights to the franchise until 2014. Which means they payed to have it made and published it for their console but it wasnt their I.P. until they bought it.

Now I don't really know if Sony bought the I.P. from Fromsoftware...

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I did a bit of math. I took the 22m and divided it by the months the switch has been out. Then Times that number by the remaining months left in the 5 year cycle. Then adjusted my predictions lower limit and high based off of the way peoples attentions change. So the number at 1.15m a month would be another 46m over 40 months. But I have know way of knowing if it will keep pace, slowdown or over perform so I say 40-50m.

The estimate is over 40 months not 4-5 years. So 3 ye...

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The switch has 22m units out that's more than GameCube. Its been out since March of last year. I think they're doing fine. I'd say 40-50m units is a reasonable goal.

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Wait, Skyrim needs this article too. Here it should go like this... "After 8 hours of gameplay I've walked more than theres been dialogue or actual combat and now the final boss is a dragon?!.... How original can you get?"

But we all know Skyrim shines from the side quest not the main story. The Witcher however in my opinion shined in both of those aspects. I also enjoy the witcher 3s more complex combat over Skyrim, but I understand that not everyone likes th...

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How is it you guys are judging the review scores but haven't played the game yet for yourselves?

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@coolbeans if I had to describe your internet persona in one word it would be..... Grandiloquent.

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@NapalmSanctuary did you just say DMC is GOW clone hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !
You do know that the 3RD DMC game came out a MONTH BEFORE the 1ST GOW game right!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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@Bronxs15 You make perfect sense.

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Im buying it shit looks great!

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Kevnb im just not dumb enough to believe this nonsense. I know its a thing but to sit here and say Microsoft paid to make it look like MHW runs better on the X is pure stupidity. What do they stand to gain?

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Kevnb thinks Microsoft is paying to make it look like the xbox one x version is better than the pc version...

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This is hard to watch...

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Just thought how everyone in this game will technically be younger than us all...

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