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No one was claiming they were the originators of that style. They just mention AC because it's current and therefore, relevant.

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Waiting patiently for the next Fallout!

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Just hope "The Show" devs don't take it easy on their next one since there's less competition now.

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I'll play it and love it just to piss them off. lol

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What is a gaming console supposed to look like? I prefer the basic look of the XBone over the PS4's weird look. Of course that can all change once I get my PS4. Either way it's not a big deal.

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Yes. There's also cars jumping off of ramps...........because it's a game. :)

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Yeah I think it's kind of a butterface. Still getting one though. :)

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I'm sure it'll be fun for a couple hours, but it seems as though it needs more substance.

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It's the games, same for the PS4.

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Can't wait! Fallout 3 was my first and I fell in love. Glitchy as hell, but it was good enough to muscle through it all.

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Thanks for the non-fanboy post. I'm just glad that these two consoles are developing two different personalities. I don't want two similar consoles, I want two that are completely different!

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It sucks that they're cutting these features from the PS4 to steer us towards something that we'd need to pay for. It's not a deal breaker, I am still getting it primarily for games, but it does suck. It would be nice to have custom music for certain games also.

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I should but the choppers are just more fun!

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I think Logic hit the nail on the head.

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Why in the world would developers and publishers talk about disparities between console versions. They're in the business of selling their product. Making one version seem not up to par is not what they want.

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Love flying helicopters in BF! Still a noob when it comes to planes though.

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"Why go out of your way to do that the past several years doing so but NOW all of a sudden it doesn't matter?"

From what I gathered, he was pretty much tired of all the pixel counting BS that started in the PS360 generation, and now wants people to get back into gaming and enjoy the game design instead of counting pixels. And i'd have to agree. This my game looks better than your game BS has gotten OLD.

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"When the 360 had better looking multi platform games over the ps3 every 360 fan was all over the internet pounding on their chests, and they made it a big deal."

I think you're forgetting that Sony fanboys were beating their chests prior to that stating the Cell was far superior to anything Xbox. Hence, when a multiplat looked better, it gave xbox fanboys something to fire back with. Rinse and repeat, the cycle continues...

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