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I was literally showing my girlfriend Callisto Protocol the other day and we saw how expensive it was and passed on it. Now we can finally play this game. Graphically, it's truly impressive.

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So sad to see people like you exist. You clearly have sided with a billion dollar company that doesn't know you and care about you. You're here proud to be such person yet don't realize how foolish it looks. I'm going to assume you either are quite young or have nothing else going for you in your life. It's sad if that's the case and hope you do find more meaning in life than Xbox v PS drama. Own both and enjoy both. Competition is good as long as the consumers benefit...

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I've seen you around here ever since I came back to this site after maybe half a decade. But I had to login at work just to reply to you. I have to say, you are absolutely hilarious and most people here CLEARLY don't see your sarcasm. I don't blame them necessarily as many people on here are obviously quite young, gullible and sometimes, just plain dumb and ignorant. But you sir, you know how to do sarcasm well and I find it even better that you get so ...

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Fortnite is cancer anyway lol Why play it on an iPhone of all things. Get one of the many devices it's on like PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo, printer, microwave, etc. Jokes aside Fortnite on a phone is trash anyway.

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@Obscure_Observer Wow, he simply asked if his opinion is allowed despite not being a super fan still and you tell him to stop bitching and moaning yet guess who's doing that just now? You're generalizing and bitching about a fanbase that is still a fanbase. They love the franchise and have spent their money. Not even you are entitled to anything Halo. Nobody is as they don't own it. But extreme fans like you ruin games for sure. You will support a multi-billion dollar company no m...

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Your comment made my day. I forgot that Xbox still uses batteries in 2017, nearly 2018. Did the One X fix that?

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I love BF1 So I'm excited for this. Also Bad Company 3?! HELL YEAH! Seems insane to think BC1 came out 10 years ago. Damn I feel old. What's odd is I remember them saying years ago they didn't understand what fans meant when they wanted BF to be more like BC. As long as they have the Compaign be hilarious, I'll be happy.

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I mean if a game can make me cry, it REALLY blew it out the park in terms of story telling and character development. You can't cry at the end of TLoU without caring for the characters.

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Destiny 1 is the game I've played the most compared to any other game with over 1700 hours played. However Destiny 2, although it's the game I was hoping for, just didn't grab me like it did last time. I guess I got tired already. I log in from time to time to buy shit from Xür, play a little bit, get my clan rewards and bounce. I can't see myself playing it nonstop like I did with Destiny 1 where I spent all 3 years as my most played game. I'm enjoying GT Sport a lot...

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Forgot to leave my PS4 Pro in sleep mode and when I woke up to finally play it, it had a 1.02 update that's 12GB+. FUCK! Should be done in an hour with my internet. Wish I had like 350Mb/s fibre optic :'(

Edit: First world problems.

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Hard to read your comment with so much incorrect grammar. I'm not perfect but damn!

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Extra 500BHP

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@Sono421 Wow, the hate! You talk like you've been playing Destiny 2 for months. How is that possible? Oh wait, you're making assumptions. That's what that was. Troll.

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Wasn't even listed for me. I clicked on the link 1 min after getting it from Amazon and it didn't exist. Checked by searching it up on Amazon UK and it still said unavailable like before. No idea what happened there. Unless emails were sent out in batches and I was already not gonna be able to pre-order even if I clicked it the same second I got it. And when I say I clicked 1 min after getting the email I literally mean 1 minute. Checked the time + email time received.

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No way a Pro Slim. A new Destiny 2 bundle with the first official commercial color outside of black is coming out in 2 weeks. If they want to sell those then announcing a new Pro would be so fucking stupid and a big "fuck you haha" to fans and customers buying one like myself. Already pre-ordered.

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Would love to see it wireless but I doubt it. That much power through what, a USB dongle? It isn't some Google headset thing using your phone as the hardware running the software. But I do want a revamped/improved PSVR to release before buying one.

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Is Wolfenstein can do it then why can't they? I blame Activision again.

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Hahahaha!!!!! Best comment I've heard in a while! Oh and don't forget the particle system with the mud when the soldier have their "boots on the ground" running through it.

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Hahahaha! Is this serious? It says "gorgeous" and (exclusive). I don't want that. Keep it exclusive to the devs, we don't need it. Gorgeous? Hahaha

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