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I'm extremely thankful for n4g for keeping me up to date with almost every gaming news out there! Nothing can compare to it!

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It may not be a 20th Century TV show but I'd love to see Orphan Black turn into a video game series by Telltale Studios. It could definitely be episodic like TWD or TWAU and has potential to be a very compelling conspiracy thriller/science fiction video game series.

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Well, it's about time. I hope this is true. I really want to see the new characters but also I want to see what they did to the returning ones as well.

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Except, its freakin Screen Gems. They really ruined the new adaptation of Carrie with catering to test audiences in Iowa demanding a play by play of the original film and really playing it safe being all douchebags. They prevented this to be a very great film AND adaptation of the original story. Lets hope they don't put tgeir slimey hands on this film.

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Can't wait to try this game. It truly was made for next-gen systems a.k.a PS4.

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At least this game fulfills my dream of driving on thr countryside, all alone and just taking in the scenery.

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For your information its not not going to be crap at all. Firstly, its being written and directed by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code). Secondly, the story is being adapted from the original RTS videogames. In this case, the first game where the battle between the humans and orcs takes place. Thirdly, Blizzard has made sure its property is not going down the shitter. Case in point when Uwe Boll wanted to direct the movie, they approached him and said "No. We are not giving one of our most...

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It must because I have a personal heart to tycoon games but god dammit, the first exclusive I noticed was Zoo Tycoon. I simply love that game and still do to his day. Although I was hoping a confirmation on the next Roller coaster Tycoon game as the same people who are making Zoo Tycoon made RCT 3.

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This must be one of many j-blaze's accounts posting typical otaku bullshit.

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At least some devs are doing something useful with their money

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If anyone went beyond the title and read the article, it was an indie dev that said this and not some big AAA studio dev.

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Check the elevator door as it closes. It looks like a Lambda (λ) which is the symbol of Half-Life. HL3 CONFIRMED!!!!!

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Xbox One- No
PS4- Yes
Destiny- Maybe

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There has to be one troll review and it has to be Polygon.

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Connor Chronic Mastubator!?!?! One the most enjoyable glitches for modern games ever.

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Who, in their right mind, would want this article to be approved?

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Playstation 4 for the win.

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You beat me to the joke. Oh well bubbles for you.

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