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This is the dumbest list ever

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Is this article saying the graphics are bad?!?!?! Considering the scale of GTA games, i don't think there's any game pc or console that touched the trailer. I highly doubt its real time on consoles. In engine yes but the detail in the world is head and shoulders above any other openworld game.

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Nov 2nd? what?

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How bout you guys read the article...

"[Skyrim]’s a lot more like Fallout 3, where as you level up you are going to see harder things, but the easier things stay around as well. You’ll still run into the weaker stuff and you’ll just decimate it."

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Lol IGN has credibility now? Stupid fanboys

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MS paid Eurogamer DERP HERP

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Lol the tears and rage.

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Here's a link to the video

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SPOILERS! beware!

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And who will fund it?

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Lol there are gymnasts who can do similar stunts that drake can do but now where near as fast and no where near as agile. Thats not even an arguement.

Uncharted is just an example. There's hundreds of other games i can name.

LOL Elder Scrolls realistic? Call of Duty Realistic? Mario Realistic? Final Fantasy realistic? Games are not the same thing as simulators.

There's a game more realistic then anything. Its called real life.

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games aren't just about immersion and realism. Realism isn't fun 90% of the time. Are the soldiers in afganistan having fun in war? Realism is only a setup for gameplay options. If uncharted was real, drake wouldn't be hopping on walls like a squirrel.

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Lmao the ignorance of gamers in here.

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LOL ps3 kiddies mad. Derp John Carmack no credibility.

Every single game engine in exsistence today is a descendant of the quake 2 engine. GTFO you noobs.

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It's one of the best looking games if your pc can run it.

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As expected. People hate on Call of Duty but BF's single players been known to be shit. The online is great but the single player is not where near as good as the one's in the Modern Warfares.

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MAJOR that exactly the same thing as i said...The game isn't going to have any more effects than the console versions. Look at Oblivion, Fallout etc. This is a DX9 game. It's not going to have any extra features. Dream on.

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The PC version will look exactly the same expect at a higher resolution and sharper. Basically if you see any 1080p shots lying around, its pc screens.

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Looks like the old comparisons from Gt5 to Forza 3 lmao

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Lmao direct3d 11? Lol someone is pretending they own a gaming pc.

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