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Opened the Twitter page, looks like some people are still upset it's not coming to Xbox.

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I feel that it could hurt their physical exclusive game sales, especially if it's a single player game.

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Your crazy if you don't own one at this point.

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Both have done the same thing.

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Nobody seems to care about that console anymore not even Xbox fans.

It sucks because I have one and games are only going to suffer much more now because of the X.

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PlayStation and Xbox fans are no different from each other.

Just enjoy your games.

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Wow! thats near pixar movie quality graphics:O

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I never wanted to disagree with a comment so much.......

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What other sites?

The ONLY ones that have said the xbone has better LOD and better lighting is gamingbolt and other sites are just listening to them for some reason.

From the two videos digital foundry has put up they both look pretty identical on the lighting and detail, with ps4 having more foliage.

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Funny lots of xbox fanboys think the xbox one version looks better because of that video.
(That idiot KNWS below me for example)

Gamingbolt even said that AC:UNITY looks sharper on xbone even tho Digital Foundry have prove this to be false.

Why does the GTAV video from gamingbolt have the most views on youtube anyway, their are better ones out there actually show a real difference.

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The thing that pisses me off is that the xbox fanboys think that the xbone was catching up and even saying it will surpass it.(MPOG for example)

Only because it won on AC:Unity and the campain part of COD:AW(It still had lower resolution and more screen tearing)

Its funny how they ignored the 98% of multiplats that look and run better on ps4.smh


Digital Foundry just got the game on ps4 they said they'll be looki...

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The last gen versions have a black line around the mini map, the new ones dont so I say its real, sorry.

EDIT:Never mind, @zeuanimals already said it.

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They gave The Last Of Us Remastered a 10 just like the original, so why not this?

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Holy Sh*t!.........this is your worst one yet now Im sure your one of misterx followers.

You call Eurogamer/digital foundary liers, okay so all of those victories the xbox 360 had over ps3 last gen were lies too huh?

Even with evidence that the ps4 is the better machine this time you somehow think the xbone is more capable, why? I don't get it.

As always Ill wait for DF analysis, I wouldnt be suprised if...

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It used to, but they have removed it around the lunch of titanfall.

The only thing the sharpening filter did was cause jaggies to be more noticeable and made the image look more like sub hd because of it.

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I got the game early and so far its been loads of fun, and that's something I haven't said about a COD game in years. Good job SH.

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Probably a more stable framerate?

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Sadly I saw this coming :(

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Actually the xbone was suffering from frame drops even on 900p, so improving that is better than resolution.

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Please stop your making yourself look stupid, PCBOX.

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