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I really, really hope so.

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Someone remembers....

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"“What? Wow, glad I sold my ME3 copy back to gamestop after what they did to it. Looks like they're running it into the ground even more -_-
RIP Mass Effect
oh wait, it can't rest in peace /sob”"

Where does that mention the ending of ME3?

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Off-topic: Why does it keep wanting me to tag this story with EA? Because microtransactions?

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I'm kinda sad that nobody owns PSGrill.com

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The original purpose of Steam is DRM. I have no idea why people always forget this.

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Oh I agree with you there.

But Sony's been doing it since day one, hence why I think they'll be the haven for indies on consoles.

Nintendo doesn't have the install base, sadly.

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The fact that Sony has been so open to the small time people through the entire PS4 process means only bigger and better things for the Vita TV.

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I see a lot going over people's heads...

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Hopefully this finally gets some games to the Vita.

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Speed > Fact checking.

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The article also calls it the "Nintendo X-Box."


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"She's my Xbox and her name is Sony" seems pretty appropriate here...

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I feel like both consoles are designed to be that. Microsoft hasn't been shy about it (All in One). Sony has done a better job of catering towards the gamer audience while eventually reminding people briefly at E3 that they're Sony and can offer a shit ton of music, movies, and television shows.

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We should spend all day Monday watching the trailers.

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But were you also patient zero at PAX East?

I'm still trying to figure out what made me deathly ill: the convention or staying in Newark Airport for 9 hours.

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That hockey cheap shot isn't really appreciated....

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Forced? Perhaps, but it was an absolutely brilliant move by Sony.

Microsoft could have easily supported HD-DVD natively, but their decision not to may have cost the format.

Sony could boast the fact that every PS3 owner was also a Blu-ray owner, helping the format's sales. It's the same gambit Microsoft is trying with Kinect: every Xbox One owner is also a Kinect owner.

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Are we defending our original console makers? That's kind of hard seeing as Atari is long gone.

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They kinda forced Sixasis a bit (Lair) before they released DualShock 3.

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