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Lol if this kid does success, ill find a Way to get myself asperger too.

I believe that everyone is looked equally under the eye of justice, but people with autistic diseases should not be able to stand for cases themselves. They can get a lawyer, provide information and let the lawyer do the work. This is just retarded.
First. Microsoft does not make or have 500 billion, let alone an agreement reach worthy of such.
second, company can do such action is...

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this company is just one of the hundreds of thousands of companies out there that troll patents . they file dubious claim that provide very very brief detail of their "invention" , do very little research on it and basically wait for someone to either buy them up or sue the shit out of anyone that actually turn it into something . the patent system in the united state is broken . it inhabited with patent troll of all kinds , just waiting to suck the money out of anything they can fo...

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while i was not around while sega was still in the business , i must say that sega didnt do tooo bad in the 80s . they werent that far off from competitors numbers . but anyone looking at the numbers now should be able to see : they seemed to release a console every other year . i know that the dev cycle is shorter back then because it didnt take that long to create an engine and the man power required is much less intensive than now . but who wants to make another in...

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have you not seen any game for pc being shown before ? they always show the best it can , because after all : it is how the game is meant to be shown . if your computer is inferior to the requirement , how is it the dev faults ? what do you want them to do ? cater to your own specific pc ? what about those that spent thousands of dollars to build their pc ? do they have to bend over because you dont care about it as much as you do ?
man , grow the F up . Dice is a pc based dev , it is...

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cutting corner is so 2010 . john carmack's games are round , no corner to cut . f*ckin perfection or nada .

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im sorry but since when was diseases considered a natural death ? the only natural death was that of old age , of which you simply pass away while as sleep or when your brian just simply decide when to stop working .
diseases , same as physical accidents , are not natural cause of death . they may seem natural to get infected once in awhile , it is not natural that fatal disease infect and kill a person . im not saying that it is the case , but im just making a point that it is most ...

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while your joke did not get to me that well , i agree with your point .

just another bunch of housewives looking for their 15 min of fame . to hell with them and all those who support them . if they care about women right that well , ABOLISH STRIPCLUBS if you feels it's so offensive . as long as it continues to exist , i cease to find it offensive to portray a realistic place .

what's next ? "women rights group petition "insert hyped game h...

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they're still skeptical of the success of the movie adaptation . apparently , they think an uncharted movie on its own is not enough . so they need to put some "star" in there to guarantee its success .

hollywood ... what do they know ?!

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how did this get pass in the first place ? wtf is this ?

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you know , i always doubt these pseudo-statistic that always lead to consumption of how terrible today's world is . "Afghanistan's capitol have lower death rate for children than New York" , " was on yahoo news the other day . in my Statistic class , we dissect that hell out of that article came to the conclusion that the stat was not fully nor fairly conducted . in this case , i doubt anyone would keep a close count of the western front to make any statistic count at a...

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because capcom would close out on their own biggest market ... right ?!
what a stupid assumption . capcom is a japanese developer . for anyone hid under a rock for the past couple years , microsoft hasnt been exactly successful in the asia market .
alienating their own biggest market , the japs' ps3 , is just not capcom-the-money-hungry-troll.

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i got it for free from a friend who hated it so much he just threw it away and never wanted to see it again . i played it bcuz i wanted the achievement .
i ended up enjoying the game more than i thought i would . the mechanic was mediocre and the aiming system barely works . but there are some enjoyable moments and there's a few new stuff that's not found in other games . the best thing about have got to be the multiplayer . there are some mode in the game that's pretty ...

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how about this : they've been doing it for decades that it's hardly anything anymore .

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im pretty sure there exist only NONE reason for this article . KZ3 is a must have for FPS and ps3 owners . if you dont think so : your loss .

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hackers better back the hell off online , that's what it is .

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well , it is seems that they're not rating games too high . they're just rating the game on a scale of 5 . 5-10 , that is .

what a bunch of mumbo jumbo . dead space 2 and LBP 2 definitely deserve the score . im not a racing fan , cant speak for GT5 . it looks great tho .

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how about you take the .6 off from NPD and rub it on your sorry ass ?! people can talk all they want , microsoft attempt at video game still havent pay off in reality . 10 years and billions of dollars , only to have worse reputation than they were 10 years ago and not much profit , if negligible at all . i doubt all those XBL money really went anywhere but to secure timed exclusive and to repair all those broken xbox .

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i hope you're being sarcastic .

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isnt it obvious ?
winner = gamer
loser = our poor wallets

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there are 2 flaws in your way of thinking :
1) microsoft and sony intentionally not making their console exactly like PC because it'll open an easy door to piracy and emulation .
2) ps3 also has 256MB XDR Main RAM . it's not entirely dependent on Vram and from what i've read , it's not using that ram while processing graphic either . the way console process it is frame by frame . it doesnt store much memory and it doesnt create virtual space either . gigantic ...

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