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The card going to be expensive, why not just add to it 16GB GDDR5?

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I never said about Drakengard 4 RealTime Gameplay looking as good as Drakengard 3 CG cutscenes.

Godmars290 assumption successfully failing his disagreement.

If SquareEnix wants to spend everything they have, work hard, diligence, trying to get Drakengard 4 looking near as good as Drakengard 3 CG cutscenes. I have no objection.

More Greatness for the PS4.

Comment underneath,
"Drakengard 3 Pre-Render CG Character(...

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My PS4 release date is February 22 2014, until now, no promises that I want has been forgotten. :D

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Wtf is wrong with most Korean & Japanese MMO developers?

They have been avoiding US Dollar like a plaque lately. This is a new high. Is there something wrong with the US Dollar? Sure, US Federal Debt is about 17 Trillion dollar, US Dollar can be still use to buy a PS4.

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summary, FREEDOM!!!

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Dragenkard 3 is a full mainstream Action-JRPG and sell very much,

SquareEnix owns Drakengard IP, there won't be any problem if they want to use CGI characters in real-time gameplay.


There's a full-blown DRAGON in SquareEnix's Agni's Philosophy. A hint for Next-Gen Drakengard? ...

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Noel Returns!

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Drakengard 3 Pre-Render CG Character(as shown in the image above) in RealTime Gameplay!

Sony have been Generous Lately, Sony translated Drakengard 3 into Chinese. Possibilities for more generosity is there.

Plug in Luminous Engine tech on Drakengard 3, and Boom! Awesome Fire Breathing Dragon Cute Girl Flying Action! Plus it helps Kingdom Hearts 3, FFXV development.

Drakengard 3 could be a Great PS4 seller. Greatness Possibilities!

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PVP, Co-Op, Player-Controlled Bosses, Player-Generated Quest, Player-Generated Contents, etc.

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Many Countries are trying to make SONY build factories in their country, to provide Jobs for their people, so they can have money to buy SONY Products. Genius!

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Tetsuya Nomura team & SquareEnix probably remodel her to look similar to FFXV characters.

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Woman's Freedom of Expression will not perish by this tiny attempt of western censorship!

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Greatness Incoming!

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Greatness is Here!

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Probably, some time later after the English fan-translation released, SquareEnix release an "Official" English version of Final Fantasy Type-0 on Playstation Network.

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PS4 Cloud Power!

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157 million PS2 sold.

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AMD do want to sell R9 290x Graphic Cards afterall. XD

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Tekken Revolution brings so much money to Namco,
future $60 Tekken will probably be no more.

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Probably Suddenly Miraculously SEGA release an "official" translation for Valkyria Chronicles 3 on PSN.

Who knows, probably Phantasy Star Online 2 "official" English version, was thanks to fan-made english translation.

This could be SEGA new Localization Business Model,

"SEGA wait for Fans to Translates their Game, Fans translates SEGA's game, SEGA take Fan-Translations, SEGA make "Official" game transla...

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