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I have been waiting for this for so long. Now we should start seeing more information on the game. I have a friend in the beta, so I can't wait to get a little hands-on time.

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Video game movies are meant to be purely a means of playing off the fanbase. The first one that comes to mind that put some thought into its production would be Resident Evil, but I am sure I'm missing some.

I loved Mortal Kombat (not on the list, though), Super Mario Bros was pretty entertaining to see how they combined futuristic ideas with the game's basics, my father and I absolutely loved DOA just because it was pretty much all action, and a paper thin story. It was actuall...

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As is most things in life, there is a downside and an upside to waiting for the price to go down. The upside is obviously the savings you'd make over getting it at its peak price.

The disadvantages, which I personally weigh greater against the saved money, is the most likely lower server traffic on multiplayer-focused games. It isn't always the case, but it often goes that you'll see way fewer people on a game than you did soon after the release.

I'd also throw i...

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That's what I thought. I was genuinely interested to see how the big dino got a game reviewed and placed on n4g, but no go :(

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I absolutely agree. I actually never really found DMC3 to be that hard. The only battle that really gave me any trouble has to be the Agni and Rudra battle, but once you figured it out, beating them was never a problem again. There are lots of much harder games out there, IMO. You know... this is actually one of the biggest reasons I stopped watching XPlay (yes, yes, I used to enjoy it). They listed DMC3 on their list of "Games for Bastards". They said it is one of the games y...

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I actually have always loved Crank. It is one of those movies I'll actually go to see at the theater. I always look forward to movies like this, since it actually makes use of all the theater has to offer. Why spend all that extra cash to use all that stadium seating and amazing surround sound to hear... talking... just talking. When I go to the theater, I am looking for action. If they throw in a decent story without making diluting the action scenes too much, then that's just frosting o...

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The only omission I have a problem with is no final boss Vergil from DMC3. That fight was truly awesome, and it had plenty of drama to it. Two half-demons fighting, constantly changing between demon and human form, while doing long awesome combos with guns and swords... epic.

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Wow man. That's hardcore. Trashtalking would certainly get pretty sick when it is course-related!

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Exactly. I went to CC to see just how much they had slashed their prices. At 10% off, I could still buy anything they had there for ~50% the price at a reputable online business, and still have a warranty against any defects or problems, including dead pixels in monitors, that I might have. Going there was a joke. I assume they are going to reduce the prices further and further every week, in order to get the biggest items to go for as much cash as possible.

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... in the 4th grade. Unfortunately my ability has increased very little... *cries*

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I would love to have an updated surround sound system. Throw in a new monitor for my upcoming i7 rig, as well as a new medium size TV and I'll be golden!

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Personally, the best games I've played this year are Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. I used to be a huge Gears fan, and Gears 2 really let me down with broken multiplayer, though I'll still play it if lots of my friends are in a party and want to play it.

Fable 2 was too glitchy. I ran into the Rescuing Charlie glitch after many hours into the game. It was a game ending glitch. Can't hold the A button anymore to open doors and the like. I haven't touched the game since the week it...

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I disagree actually. I found the demo unbelievably enjoyable. I keep going back through it with random people online, and whenever I can enough friends together. I absolutely love it. I was mad when they pushed back the release day so much past Gears 2, since I had been following Left 4 Dead pretty closely, and I thought I'd never need to play another multiplayer game. The problem is Gears 2 isn't as great as I was hoping it would be. I can't see Left 4 Dead disappointing me if this demo i...

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Let's all behave! :P

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I still disagree. I didn't find it all that scary. I only found one part that even startled me. I have the setup for it. 40 inch LCD, sitting 4 feet from it, surround sound, small dark room with no other noises, always late at night. I rarely got into danger in the game. They gave too much health and too many health packs. Even on the hard difficulty, I only found myself dying stupid deaths. I think they could have done so much better.

I found Condemned 2 a lot scarier. Dead...

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Read over that last statement. Not only are misspelled words and very poor grammar strewn about it (is English not your native language? Just curious), but I think you meant >, not <. If you're going to try to poke the fire, at least make sure you're doing it properly.

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I'm not going to lie. I had no idea what you guys were talking about for like 5 seconds. I was looking at the car in the ad, thinking you were talking about transmissions XD

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I personally think both Halo and Halo 2 were better than Halo 3. Way too many additions and changes to the game changed the entire experience. Wasn't nearly as enjoyable IMO.

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New system model. When I saw the headline, I had the same thought. I thought there was some sort of horrible problem with the 360 version of Pure!

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Gunstar Heroes is overrated? Bull! That was the first game I sought out for my genesis emulator. And it was the first game I DL'ed from Wii shopping channel.

Also, I have to disagree with Pokemon Red/Blue, Mario 64, and RE4 being on that list. All were absolutely brilliant. Mario 64 had sooooo much to do and had so many different challenges to be done in each single level that it kept your interest forever. It had the perfectionist aspect covered, as well as its own number of...

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