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I'd be happy with at least the ability to put my original disc in the PS5 and play it. My old PS1 has long since ascended to console heaven, and my PS2 sounds like it has a terminal cough. The only way I'll soon be able to play them is through PS3 but, I wouldn't mind slapping them into a shiny new console with maybe some advanced filtering and upscaling. A remake would be welcomed with open arms also.

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I've lost alot of interest in this game since Joel has been pushed to a background character, and more than likely will not be playable. I liked the way those two worked together and I'm having Metal Gear Solid 2 flashbacks, it was the first to take a well established main character and replace them with a woman. :) The whole 'chick' stalks people with a bow thing has been done to death before with Tomb Raider. The 'this woman is deeper and more complex because she's ...

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I've not been a fan of Ubisoft's GAS agenda this whole gen, this would be the nail in the coffin for me. How is it that with all this current tech, the best Splinter Cell is STILL Chaos Theory!

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Democrat, Republican... It doesn't matter what figurehead is in office, or what they acomplish while there (likely to be undone by the next opposing administration). They all bend a knee to the war mongering military industrial meat grinder, or face becoming the next Kennedy. Trump, not being a 'politician' before office could buck the trend... we'll have to wait and see.

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$73 an hour you say, hmm... I have questions: 1. Is nudity required? 2. If nudity is NOT required, are you comfortable with me providing it anyway?

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It's just speculation but I believe the reason for the increase in remastered/HD ports, is because devs have caught wind of the PS5 and Nextbox being backwards compatible. Which if true makes all these efforts obsolete, I mean if any old game can be popped into a next gen console for enhanced visuals...what do you need them for? It's a whole genre gone over night, so they have to sell that 'snake oil' now before they're pushed out.

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I've had, uhh... seen worse. I will say the design is questionable with it's combination or resting bitch face, masculine features and badly rendered stiff hair that looks like a wig. It activates that primitive part of the male psyche that informs us that something is off about this one, it might not be what it claims to be (if you catch my drift). It's also out of character for Black Widow, as she's meant to be an irresistible femme fatale / super spy. That face is getting n...

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Need for 'Speed', but none of the cars have brakes. Any surfing game, do they still make those? Most importantly though, you must realize that there is no game.

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IMO Insomniacs Spider-Man makes Avengers look like Minecraft Machinima.

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IMO they might have gotten a better response if they had used designs and artwork closer to their classic 'comic' looks. Robert Downey Jr. has 'dropped the mic' on any realistic looking potrayal of Iron Man, if it looks even remotely like him people expect it to be voiced by him. The same can be said for Chris Evan's Captain America, so maybe it was just bad timing or unjust expectations. Insomniac has also raised the bar quite high on what is expected from a Super-Heroe g...

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Ahhh, that brings back memories. I used my first two paychecks to buy a 3DO, Samurai Shodown , Way of the Warrior and Need for Speed.

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The late 90's many all nighters fueled on chips n' sugary fizz water. Back then just about every game had something new to bring to the table, not the rehashed sequels we got later or the unfinished betas they call 'games' nowadays.

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My prediction is that Tiger Electronics will release a new handheld that blows both out of the water! /s

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Samuel L Jackson: 'Sh!t n*gga, that's all you had to say.'

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The game isn't complete yet, if there's more than two genders in the game... there could be a glitch in the code. Kind of like the people that believe it in real life, there's definitely something out of place upstairs. Who programmed you this way? ;)

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Who says he's a fully trained Jedi? Rey apparently didn't need to be a trained Jedi to go up against Kylo in Force Awakens. /s

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This, like alot of games nowadays is what happens when you 'think of all the sweet parties you're gonna throw, before building the house'. I don't care what they said this will be monetized somehow, and from the looks of it... The money planning came first. Anything else came second, I mean it's been in development this long and it still looks this ruff around the edges. I could end up being wrong and it'll be the greatest thing ever... NAH!, the industry is too greedy...

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They can't just come out and say 'There's no offline play because we want you always connected, so you can see all the cool cosmetic pieces your friends paid top dollar for.' *Envy Intensifies* They can then feed off the infinite funds of the weak minded, all those that just HAVE to have all the newest and coolest gear their friends have. That's would be my guess.

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Boy, they're really pumping out those remasters of old PS3 games. Milking their cows before (hopefully) PS5 is announced as fully backwards compatible with all previous consoles.

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The hair on Thor and Black Widow look two generations old, all around it was a little crude. It still has a way to go so i'll stay optimistic... for now.

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