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The problem is the people who truly believe. They are the ones who take religion as gospel (pardon the pun) and take most offence when its questioned/portrayed in a different light. I believe these people are known as closed minded.

I have a couple of Jehovas Witnesses call round every couple of weeks. My fault as I talk to them and enjoy it. However I have had to bite my lip a few times due to their rather narrow view on a couple of things. Gay/Homosexual people and acknow...

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As someone who is a catholic it should be noted that most of us are forced into baptism as babies. Therefore it is only idiots who should be offended by such a short part of what is otherwise a good game.

You don't see many black people giving out about the slavery end of things as there are also white victims in the game.

What age was the lord Jesus Christ when he was baptised? Early 20s.

Religion of any denomination is a subject ...

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Dead bunny on a spike at the end of Doom.

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Hear hear.

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I have yet to read a review of this game but having cleared it the other day I thought I was the only one who didn't think it deserved a 10/10.

It is a great game but its in no way, shape or form the best game of this generation. For a start the original Bioshock is better in every way and even Far Cry 3 offers more in terms of lenght/value.

Its a FPS which at times feels stretched, to many long shootouts break up the story. Its the first game in ages...

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I agree on the score as its nowhere near the game that Bioshock was. Then again System Shock 2 pisses all over them all. My main gripe is not the weapons or linearity but the Vigors and gear.

Hardly used them buring my whole playthru. Weapons in this game are very overpowered and the two only restriction was not an issue. First bit of gear I got just melted people and I stuck with it.

Overall I did like Infinite but I will not play it thru again. I just ...

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Loooking forward to this big time. Only problem I have is that the last two were so much better on Xbox. I finished first two on it and then tried again on PS3, not good. LP2 was paticularly bad.

Hope they sort that out with this one and make them the same. Lovin the more western look. Wayne and co got on my tits.

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Guess I'll be sticking to NFS Shift 2. Can't drive without cockpit. Shame bout that, first Grid was good fun. Drifting was better in 3rd person though.

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Well if they wanted a game to fail in my opinion then making it like ME3 was the way to go.

Mass Effect 3's problem was not the ending, it was the fact that Drew Kaspyin (spelt wrong) didn't write it. Two other talentless twats did.

ME1&2 plus the companion novels (all excellent) were written by him. That is why I put ME3 as my single biggest let down ever.

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Loved the first two, third had some great bits. The wrecked fleet was just class and the mine shaft towards the end was really well done (short though).

The game itself was to long and so much was copy/pasted. It had a good ending apart from after the credits.

Didn't bother with co-op and traded it in as soon as I finished it. Still have first two upstairs from new. Makes you wonder who is goin to buy the Awakened DLC this month.

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I love single player:)

Multiplayer is great if you play with people you know. However for the most part you have to put up with some ammount of arseholes. That is not fun.

I agree that he only wants to do away with single player out of laziness. In the middle of Crysis 3 at the mo and its not up to the second game at all. Oh! by the way Crytec you cant do multiplayer. I have same probs with this game as the last, buggy game all round.

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People who write this type of article should be shot. Simple as that.

Do you like your Vita? If yes then thats all that matters.
Do you like your 3ds? If yes then again its all that matters.

Fact is that they both sell well and both have good games. Gravity rush is great and Wipeout is (to me) a big surprise hit. Mario cart 3ds is also excellent. What is the point of writing a release list of games and going on about exclusives? Are you going to ...

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Just finished Crysis 2 again about an hour ago. 12hrs 45mins of single player bliss. Played Crysis thru again last week, also excellent and about 12hrs.

Installed Crysis 3 a few mins ago, cant wait to get stuck in. Bit worried about lenght of campaign but I never seem to finish things as quick as everyone else. If i get 7hrs I'll be happy.

Not bothered about multi-player on any game, single player all the way. Took 55Hrs to 100% Far Cry 3 and loved ev...

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Well said. GG had a few mins at the reveal to show the world something exciting, and they did. To be worried about a game due to a brief demo is childish.

I know this might come as a surprise to some but Killzone is an FPS so of course it looks like bloody COD. KZ2 and 3 are still my favorite console fps of all time, Far Cry 3 came close but only close.

If you watched the reveal the only gameplay shown was from KZ everything else was a techdemo. That incl...

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Simple really, they are elitist a%^holes. I would love to spend all my money on a 690gtx or two, but a 42" tv and a new console sound so much better.

We know that PCs will always be ahead of consoles in spec and on screen goodness. However this time PCs have a real contender(s) to all that. Hardware junkies are scared.

What the xbox and PS3 managed to do with ancient hardware is nothing short of incredible. Gears, Alan Wake, Uncharted, GoW, Far Cry ...

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Well you know we are all born with free will and I used mine and decided to buy one. So far with PS+ i have many games that I enjoy. Yeah Mem cards are a rip off but I would have paid 4x the money for the games I got (sort of) free from sony. Next month I getting MGS HD and Mass Effect 3.

Where is this DRM you speak of? Im sure I would have spotted it by now.

TV's from sony are expensive, the phones are fiddly fuckers but they are well made and lots ...

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The real Lara would be what? 16 years old now.
Most people buying the new Tomb raider will be about that age as well, so they did'nt grow up with her.

On a happier note, at least she nearly legal:)

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There was nothing wrong with RE6. Best laugh ive had playing a game in ages. Yeah it has probs (mostly fixed in patches) but so does new Dead Space and I'm loving it.

DMC is a reboot and while not my thing I still found it fun.

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450euro base price and 550 for premium.

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Man who made that comment is on something magic:)

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